What a difference a week makes

Last week at about this time, I was stressing over the impending attack of Snowzilla on our area. In the game, I was convinced my raiding days were over, that I would forever more be consigned to dreary LFR or chancy pugs. True, I had just joined a new guild, but it seemed big and intimidating, filled with players far beyond my skills. The Legion news — what scraps there were of it — seemed once again to indicate it would soon be time for me to find a new game.

Like I said in the title, what a difference a week makes. Today all our snow is under control and we are looking at several days of warm melting weather, such that nearly all of it looks like it will be gone by this time next week. It’s too early, but I find myself thinking of spring and planning my garden. (The ultimate triumph of optimism over experience!)

Last night, in another triumph of optimism, I joined a guild alt/fun run of HFC(N). I am happy to report that, while I may not have distinguished myself, neither did I embarrass myself. (If the raid had been a Broadway production, I would have been an unremarkable member of the chorus line. I’ll take that.)

Remember, for all practical purposes I have not raided since early April of 2015. Before that team fell apart, we got through a few (but not all) bosses in Blackrock Foundry, and did the first 4 in HFC once only by the skin of our teeth. That’s it. So last night I was an LFR hero trying to run a normal HFC for the first time, with a group whose alts are much better geared than my main, and a team that is 13/13H and has been running together for years.

No pressure.

I had studied my butt off before the raid, made 6 pages of notes on the differences between LFR and normal for every boss, watched FatBoss and other videos on all of them, spent an hour in front of a target dummy brushing up on some MM skills, replenished my supplies of food, flasks, pots, got myself connected to and tested on Mumble, etc. I went through my DBM settings and made sure all possible raid-wiping debuffs were going to really get my attention, double checked my talents and glyphs, and even ran a practice LFR Iskar just to check out the Iskar Assist addon. (We skipped Iskar last night luckily.)

It was a fun night. We had close to 15 running, almost everyone on alts, we downed 9 bosses with zero wipes. I died once because of stupidity on Kilrogg, once to trash, and once on Mannoroth but I don’t count that one because I literally died at the exact same second the boss did. And the RNG gods were smiling upon me, because I got two tier pieces — my first two! — on bonus rolls.

It felt good to be raiding again with people who hit the sweet spot between casual and hardcore. After three hours with them, the guild seems less monolithic and intimidating. And even though I could see that some of my skills were pretty rusty after  a 9 month layoff, I got a measure of my self-confidence back.

So, snow problems — under control, check.

Guild and raid angst — greatly diminished, check.

Legion news — well, 2 out of 3 is not bad I guess.

Yes, I remain very pessimistic about Legion. I am not ready to write about all the reasons why yet, but I cannot shake the impression that we players are a baby whose Blizz mother is really pushing the strained beets. “Mmmmmmm, yummy! Don’t they look good? Mommy wishes she could have some! Open the hangar, heeeeerre comes the airplane! Zoom, zoom!”

So I will amend my previous statement: For everything except Legion, what a difference a week makes.

Have a great weekend.







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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

4 Responses to What a difference a week makes

  1. Bodhi Rana says:

    A good group makes a world of difference. Congratz!

  2. nol says:

    Hi its not always easy to find a nice and good group. Me as a BM hunter use “openraid.eu” for the most raids (i live in holland) last night we had a hunter raid party (hunters only). We 11 hunters killt Blackhand on normal(pets as tanks) and then we did highmaul on heroic we killt 6 boss. Soon we do hfc on normal. So we as BM hunters dont need other guys as tank or healer we can do all 3 🙂 greethings from a dutch BM hunter (ik love my pets)☺

    • Fiannor says:

      I have done a few all-hunter raids in the past (although it has been a couple of years since I have find one), and they really are great fun. I had also done all-Druid raids, but they are not so much of a challenge as hunter raids because you have real healers, tanks, and both melee and ranged DPS.

      It’s great to hear from a BM hunter — I am certain that will be my primary spec in Legion. I have an alt BM hunter now, and it is much more fun to play than my MM main.

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