A couple of quality of life changes

OK, let me state up front that I know for a certainty that Blizz will never address any of the things I am about to talk about. They are so minor as to be not worth the time to fix, but still, it sure would be nice.

The other night, just after finishing up my Timewalking event, I found a note in my mailbox. It was from the Postmaster, and I assumed it was some piece of minor loot I had neglected to pick up in the dungeon. Wrong. To my amazement, it was a Perky Pug. I had completely forgotten that it is awarded for completion of the Looking for Multitudes achievement. (I guess that tells you how often I run heroic dungeons. Still, I think it was a glitch, because I have certainly run more than 25 heroics on this particular alt. But maybe I have run a lot of them with guild groups.)

Even though it is almost never a bad thing to get a reward, a couple of things about this annoyed me. The first is a personal peccadillo, but I really hate that stupid pug. I was mildly amused by its disgusting antics for about 30 seconds when it was first introduced, but after that I just tried to look away.

Minor rant: I never understood Blizz’s fascination with this odious bundle of pixels. When the little costumes for it were introduced in Timeless Isle, I just ignored them, as I had no desire whatsoever to spend any kind of currency dressing up that loathesome creature. What really incensed me was that Blizz decided to make the pug the default pet in my garrison. It runs around whether I want it to or not. Until I finally gave in and got my level 3 pet menagerie, it was the only creature from my pet tab allowed to do so. (At least with the level 3 I can camouflage the pug by having my other pets wandering about.)

Yeah. I hate the pug.

The second reason getting the reward was annoying is that, unlike other pets, you are only allowed one pug. I should probably say thank goodness to this, but of course getting rid of it involves removing it from your bag and actually typing DELETE into a text box. This is Blizz protecting you from yourself, and I suppose it is a good safeguard for some, but sheesh does it get annoying.

Because it is the same for every toy, pet, and follower training gizmo. Do you have any idea how often I have gone through this process for those stupid Left Sharks? Or that purple bag from missions? Or the retraining certificate? Well, yes, you probably do, because  undoubtedly you have gone through the same thing.

If we could vendor these items, even as junk, it would be a vast QoL improvement.

Garrison missions seem especially annoying for things you don’t need or want. In addition to the things you have to DELETE to get rid of, there are currency rewards that you cannot delete or in fact get rid of in any way other than to spend them. Talking here about garrison resources and the utterly worthless Seal of Tempered Fate. At least garrison resources are easy to spend if you have a trading post, but it gets tedious to finish up your missions only to have several of them skipped because you are capped, causing you to run over to the trading post to spend a bunch on other things you probably also don’t need, then run back to finish up the missions.

Seals of Tempered Fate really suck, because there is no way to unload them once you are capped, except by running lower tier raids and rolling bonus rolls. Worse, if you mistakenly accept a Seal mission when you are capped, you can never finish that mission because there is no way to refuse the mission reward. Those poor followers will remain forever in mission limbo, having done their duty but unable to come home.

And if you try to just not do the missions with rewards you have no use for? Those suckers hang around seemingly forever! They will appear at the top of your mission list for days.

A big QoL improvement would be the ability to refuse a mission reward but still complete the mission. And for crying out loud, give us a way to ditch currency we have no use for! 

Last on my list for today are transmog items. In order to put an item into void storage, it must be soulbound. This means you have to go through the drill of equipping every green item — no matter how low a level it is — and then unequipping it before you can put it into void storage.

Maybe this will change in Legion, but until then it would be a nice QoL perk if just by putting something into void storage the item would become soulbound. 

There are a lot more of these nice-to-have improvements, but that’s it for today. What about you? Any pet peeves that could be eliminated with a few minor changes?

2 thoughts on “A couple of quality of life changes

  1. The stable. I HATE having to go back to town to get the pet buff my raid needs. We should be able to summon all of them out in the world, as long as we aren’t in combat.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. If MM with LW can have them all available, BM should be able to summon any pet in their stable, as you say as long as you are not in combat.

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