Crocus and daffodils and gritty optimism

We are on the very early cusp of spring here in the Mid-Atlantic region. This after what seemed like a harsh winter because of one gigantic blizzard with massive snowfall and a couple of weeks of exceptionally cold weather, but which was in reality quite a mild winter — our windows were open on Christmas Eve, for heaven’s sake.

Mind you, it is not yet spring — it is still cold and blustery and the trees are completely bare — but there are enough signs to make us all true believers. My crocus and daffodils and even last fall’s pansies have pushed up brave little shoots, promise of cheery spots of color in a month or so. (There will be tulips, also, but they are more cautious and deliberate in their emergence.) I am not someone who likes snow and winter, I hate it and I think of it as something to be endured rather than appreciated. So planting bulbs and fall pansies are for me an act of gritty optimism, an acknowledgment that yes there will be a period of pain, but that indeed I will come through it more or less unscathed, and at the end there will once again be beauty and hope.

For me, the promise of winter is the spring that follows.

Why am I telling you this, in a gaming blog? Well, I think I have arrived at a point of gritty optimism about WoW. I consider Legion to be my winter, and I am preparing as best I can to come through it more or less unscathed. I believe I will, but I do not delude myself that it will be an enjoyable time for me. I am still deciding on what bulbs to plant in anticipation of arriving on the other side. Should I prepare a bed of strong raiding skills? Become a healer for once and for all? Learn to tank? Lay the ground for the mounts, toys, and achievements I usually ignore? Become entrenched in another MMO?

I do think I am approaching the winter of my WoW experience. My spring and summer were glorious fun, and my fall was a time of maturity and rich harvest. What remains to be seen is if the coming Legion winter is indeed the end, or if it is in fact part of a cycle that will usher in a new round of growth and warmth and carefree fun.

For now, all I know is that WoW winter is coming, and I am doing my best to prepare for enduring it.

That, and my daffodils are up as the reward for getting through real winter.

Have a good weekend.