Look out for that flying pig!

imageWell, clearly pigs are flying through a snowstorm in hell while monkeys are flying out of a personal orifice, and you can add whatever other adynata you can think of, because —

Get ready….

Are you sitting down?

I got my 4-piece tier set last night.

Now, those of you all decked out in heroic or mythic gear probably won’t see what all the fuss is about, me giddy over getting the 4-pc normal set, but you have no idea how momentous this is for me. I did not get a full tier set in either Cata or Mists, and it was beginning to look like WoD would be my third tierless expansion. It has been a combination of stupendously bad luck and start-and-stop raiding. But my current guild — which I joined only a couple of months ago — runs weekly HFC-N alt runs, so I have been joining those on my main so as to dust off my raiding skills that were unused for about 9 months, and also hoping I might pick up some tier gear.

I got two pieces relatively quickly, one each of the first two weeks I ran, but the other two pieces have eluded me. Got a third piece a couple of weeks ago, but just could not get lucky enough to complete the set. Until last night. We were doing the upper level of HFC. I got a second set of tier gloves from Socrethar, which actually was not useless because they were socketed. But no love from Xhul’horac on the shoulders. After wiping once on Mannoroth, we decided to give him a final try even though it meant extending our raid time by a few minutes. We killed him, and I was disappointed to get the non-tier cloak on the personal loot roll. Figuring what the hell, I threw a bonus roll, and THERE IT WAS, THE TIER CHEST PIECE.

I spent a couple of hours after the raid adjusting and upgrading my gear. Equipping the tier head meant I could use another crafted piece, and my non-legendary ring was the Conquest PvP one, so I had my JC make a 6/6 ring with the appropriate secondary stats. I had been saving my valor on my main, so I was able to do 2/2 upgrades on the new ring as well as the two new tier pieces.

Then I spent a few minutes with a target dummy testing out the MM tier bonus, which  gives you an instant Aimed Shot, on the GCD.





It is sooooo sweet. Since the demise of SV more or less caused me to switch specs to LW MM in 6.3, I have never really liked it. It just seemed clunky and slow, and even though MM hunters are highly mobile, the loss of DPS if you constantly move made me feel un-mobile. Add to that the fact that the only instant non-talent shot was the signature shot, which has a relatively long cd, and I always felt like I had my feet mired in molasses and I was operating my bow in slow motion.

But the tier bonus suddenly made MM huntering fun for me again.

When I studied “modern” Russian poetry, we went chronologically, slogging our way through 17th and 18th century clumsy attempts to mimic Polish and other languages’ poetry. It was horrible, pedantic, forced. Then, finally, we worked our way up to Alexander Pushkin, and to me it felt as if the poetic chains were broken, and at last Russian poetry soared and sang in my head and on my tongue. It was glorious.

The MM tier set is Pushkin to me. From a design point of view, I think it is wrong to make a spec dependent on a set of gear to play the way it is intended to be played. But I can’t deny that it is a glorious feeling.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to continue my celebration. Have a great weekend.


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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

4 Responses to Look out for that flying pig!

  1. Wooooo Hoooooooooo!

  2. Grumsta says:

    Finally! Well done, and great to see your perseverance rewarded 🙂

    We should be continuing with Xhul from our alt run last week, also trying for the chest tier from Mannie tonight….. wish me luck!

    • Fiannor says:

      Haha! Best of luck! (I am not so sure it was perseverance on my part so much as just blind, leg-numbing plodding, however.)

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