Hither and thither

I feel kind of untethered when I log on to WoW these days. It’s both a good and a bad feeling. Good, because I have the freedom to do whatever I feel like doing on any character. Bad, because in the back of my brain there is this gnawing worry that I should be doing something organized and constructive in preparation for Legion, even though I know it is still months away. I suppose the feeling is just the price I pay for being a compulsive planner.

Completely off topic, but I love archaic English terms like hither and thither. They are a reminder of a time when the language was  quite prescriptive. Hither and thither were the motion equivalents of here and there. “Here I stand,” but “Come hither.” Or, “We wandered hither and thither, no destination in mind.”

Don’t get me wrong,  I love that English today is so malleable, I love the rapidity with which linguistic constructs appear and disappear. But archaic English gives us an intriguing look into the things our ancestors thought important enough to be linguistically precise about. Similarly, the things modern English is precise about today certainly reflect what is important in modern life.

There must somewhere be a PhD dissertation on this subject, I am going to look it up.

(If you have not guessed, this post will be pretty disjointed. I will wander hither and thither, stopping briefly here and there.)

I’ve become more appreciative of my garrison lately. I have remedied Blizz’s poor housing plan by commandeering the gardener’s cottage. I just wish I could put up a sign to that effect, it might keep the riffraff out. Still, it is a cozy place to retire for the night. Also, it is close to the fishing pond and a great view of the ocean. Consequently, I am doing a bit more fishing on all my alts, either as a way to pass the time while waiting for a queue to pop, or just as a relaxing activity while I listen to music.

I keep thinking soon I will not have a nice tidy place to call my own, that I will be expected to bunk with a bunch of smelly hunters or depressingly dark warlocks with their yammering minions. I know we will keep our garrisons, I just hope Blizz lets us also keep our garrison hearthstone so that we can easily get there. I will be annoyed if instead of the hearthstone they replace it with something like a portal in a capitol city.

(I would make yet another plea here for true player housing, but I think it is a lost cause.)

One of the things I just noticed as I was going about some basic garrison chores is the actual contents of the garrison resources pile. When you empty it, you get a quick glimpse of the inside of the bottom box, and it is — a box of rocks. Two, to be exact, two big old building stones. Which makes me wonder — what is  being built these days? Certainly nothing in my garrison. I am beginning to suspect one or more of my employees is dealing garrison rocks on the black market. Note to self: look into this.

I’ve been spending some time with my lock and my druid lately. I am to the point where I can bring my lock to our weekly alt runs, and I think I will start doing so. My main has nothing more to gain from normal HFC, and we always have a ton of hunters anyway.

I decided to pursue the ring on my druid, so I am just at the first abrogator stone (125) collection stage. Which means running the tier 1 raid — tedious. Though I am still a novice at resto druid healing, I find I enjoy it. There are so many instant heals that it almost feels like the hunter of healers because of the mobility. I finally overcame my phobia about 5-man healing on it and easily healed all the dungeons you have to run in the initial stages of the ring quests.

From what I read of balance druids in Legion, I think that also may be a viable spec. It seems clunky to me in WoD, but it is the spec I use for Tanaan dailies — would be good if resto had more than 2 offensive spells. Still, I am enjoying the class.

In terms of gold, I am frantically trying to make hay while the sun shines, to use one of my gramma’s favorite expressions. I think as soon as we get the Legion pre-event, the gold will stop flowing from our garrisons. Also, at that point very few will be interested in buying WoD mats, gizmos, or crafted gear. So I am dumping everything I can now, including whatever I can make with the hundreds of cd mats I have for every profession. I have outfitted a few guildie alts with crafted pieces, donated some still-useful stuff to the guild bank, am selling what I can on the AH or DE-ing it to sell the mats, and vendoring everything else. The gold crash is coming, and I don’t want to be caught with an inventory I can no longer move for more than a few coppers.

I still have to figure out the best disposition of the 200+ pieces of BoA Baleful gear in my banker’s bank. Suggestions are welcome.

Well, I warned you this would be kind of disjointed. It’s my birthday, and I am taking the rest of the day off. I think I saw the spousal unit sneaking a brightly wrapped box into the house, of a size to perfectly accommodate a cool electronic gadget. My inner child is hopping up and down with anticipation! (Watch it turn out to be a handheld mixer or knife sharpener, I will kill him.)

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

7 Responses to Hither and thither

  1. Bodhi Rana says:

    If you aren’t going to use the BoA baleful gear, then keep 1 or 2 complete sets of each gear type 4 or 8 necks&cloaks and 8 or 16 rings (just in case you do a 100 boost and want a quick gear up). Otherwise, wait for wardrobes, convert the tokens to gear to unlock the appearances, then sell for the gold 20-30 gold each iirc.

    • Fiannor says:

      That sounds like a good plan, I was thinking DE them but I like the idea of keeping a few, and I will look into the idea of keeping them for gear appearances then vendoring.

  2. Happy Birthday! I vote for a small hot fudge sundae, yum.
    I dither as I hie me hither, near and yon about planning for Legion.
    I have collected my 25 shirts for the Fabulous title. I wonder if the LW stat tent will work in Legion and the Drums of Forgotten Kings. I’ve collected some garrison mounts and pets and parked them on an alt in case that is the only way to get them in the future.
    I think old school mats will be big for a while; maybe crafting tmog stuff or enchant illusions.
    I put the net on my two subs and am collecting fish and letting my Alts level cooking for my Pickled Eel stash.
    And … I’m goofing around a lot!
    More ice cream!

    • Fiannor says:

      Thanks, I didn’t have a sundae but I did have cake!

      You just reminded me I need to get my shirts done, and you may be right that mats will hold some value for a while — I still make gold regularly by gathering and selling legacy mats, just have to study the AH market on the server.

  3. Grumsta says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

    Our guild raid team is gradually drifting apart and we’re struggling to get 10 together for Normal or Heroic runs now. Sad but inevitable.

    I was pondering what I need to “do” to prepare for Legion, and aside from hoarding gold I can’t see anything else as all skills and currencies get reset with every new xpac.

    So I’m just filling in the time doing fun achievement runs, getting reps (up to 54 now) and levelling up my Disc Priest (currently my favourite WoW activity).

    • Fiannor says:

      Prior to WoD, I went into a real frenzy of activity to “prepare” for it — spreadsheets, daily prep tasks for each character, goals and milestones, etc. (Don’t judge! I really can’t help myself, something in my DNA…) It made me perhaps a bit better off in the first week of WoD, but not after that. Certainly not enough to justify all the effort. So this time I am simplifying my preps to:

      Cleaning out my bags and banks to free up space.
      Gearing up my alts to give them a somewhat easier time leveling in Legion.
      Pursuing the Vial of Sands recipe on my alchemist.
      Like you, hoarding gold.

      Thanks for the birthday wish. 🙂

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