Are you a pack rat or a minimalist?

As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the middle of a great purge in my home office. Actually, I am almost done, and I am very pleased with the results. The floor has once again become a floor instead of a horizontal storage space, I was able to condense three jammed file cabinets into just one with space left over, and I have several empty shelves in my book cases. The excess beat up file cabinets will be taken away by the junk guy, and later today I will lug the purged files and paperwork to our local shredder facility.

I am by nature a minimalist. You would not expect this if you plow through my wordy writing, but it is true. Something about the clean lines of empty spaces makes me feel free and creative, whereas cluttered spaces — even if arkwell-organized — feel heavy and oppressive. (My spousal unit, on the other hand, is a pack rat. There is some natural law that dictates that minimalists may only marry pack rats and vice versa. He goes out of town on business 3 or 4 times a year, and when he does I seize the chance to throw out his raggy underwear, newspapers and magazines from the bottom of the stacks in his office, a few of his “tech” books on subjects like DOS — !! — and Windows 3.0. He has never caught on to this. Hee hee.)

So it comes as no surprise that I like my WoW storage space to be both uncluttered and organized. I use the addon Ark Inventory to keep my saved items categorized and tidy, but even so if my bank or bag space starts to fill up, I get all antsy and nervous and start to look for things to get rid of. This is especially important in the months leading up to a new expansion, as I like to start them out with tons of space, knowing there will be all manner of new items to be collected.

I have been very frustrated with WoD, because it seems to be forcing me to keep a very cluttered bank and bag set. For starters, think of all the one-off gear you need to keep in your bag — miner’s pick, herbalist’s gloves, portable mailbox, tents, drums, Loot-a-Rang, kites, that raid rezzie thingy you thought would be so awesome but turns out you almost never use, the toys that Blizz refuses to categorize as such so if you want to have fun with them you have to keep them in your bag. Not to mention the consumables — food of course but also raid food, fel fish, health potions, miner’s coffee, potions for speed and main secondary stat and mana and invisibility and water walking and underwater breathing. Then there is the actual gear — extra set for off spec if you are a hybrid class, possibly some pieces for Timewalking dungeons, maybe a couple of trinkets you need to use to tailor for specific fights, PvP gear if you do that.

I have outfitted all my characters with full hexweave bags, but even so I rarely can keep more than 30 open bag spaces, about the same amount of space I had at least a couple of expansions ago. Blizz has indeed improved the storage system — for example, by increasing stack sizes and by giving us void storage and the bank reagent tab — but they have basically negated the benefits by requiring us to carry more, to keep more gear,  and by increasing the number of mats needed for many items.

I keep a category labeled “Collectables” for most of the things I need for garrison ops and miscellaneous quests — follower gear upgrades, those things you get from the Dwarven Bunker that you can trade for useless cosmetic gear or for more follower gear upgrades, the various tokens you need to collect in pursuit of the legendary ring, ship armaments, tokens such as oil barrels or follower trait changers that you get from missions, those stupid auction house parts you are foolish to collect anyway, basically anything else that doesn’t fit another handy category. These items I can usually keep in my bank, don’t have to lug them around, but some of them have the annoying characteristic that they can only be used if you have them in your bag. Thinking ship armaments and follower gear upgrades here — so if you don’t keep them in your bag and need to use them, you have to go get them from the bank first.

I don’t know what I will do with the garrison stuff after Legion. On the one hand, I don’t expect to pay much if any attention to my garrisons, but on the other hand I don’t want to have no ability to do so should the need arise. It would be nice if Blizz allowed us to just more or less store the garrison ops stuff in the garrison, and just click on it to use if we need it. Like they did with the Sunsong Ranch gear — the plow and watering can and such. That way if we needed to use it we could, but we would not have to take up storage space somewhere in order to do so. (Having a garrison is a lot like having a baby — until you have one, you can’t imagine the astounding amount of gear you will need just for basic operations.)

And I have not yet even mentioned the whole transmog thing. We will be getting what is promised to be a nifty transmog system in Legion, but until then what a freaking mess! Blizz has said that we will be able to use as transmog any item offered from completed past quests, whether or not we the selected the item (as long as the character we want to use it on can equip it as the class baseline gear). But they have also given us a rather cryptic warning that until Legion goes live, we should hang on to anything we might want to use as transmog now or in the future. Ugh. So I have filled up my void storage on my mains and most of my major alts, crammed more obsolete gear into bank slots, and kept some alts I want to get rid of solely because they have SB items I may want to use later for transmog on a class that can wear them.

Last, but certainly not least, there is the question of all that Baleful gear, especially the BoA stuff. A couple of my helpful readers gave me some ideas on the best way to get rid of it, though, so I think I will soon have that under control.

This really goes against my basic minimalist nature. In WoD, Blizz has forced me to become a pack rat. I hate it. Still, I fight it as much as I can, and this weekend my main goal in game will be to vendor or auction everything I can. This will mainly be me getting rid of excess mats, the Baleful gear, those pieces I kept “just in case” I might have to rearrange equipped gear due to getting tier stuff, and lots of profession cooldowns. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about the transmog mess or the required one-off bag gear or the consumables.

I would love to hear how some of you solve your WoD storage problems, or indeed if you even think there are any such problems.

Have a great weekend.



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6 Responses to Are you a pack rat or a minimalist?

  1. Bodhi Rana says:

    One thing I’ve done (which is only possible with my mountain of alts) is to farm some of the mog gear filling up my main’s bank/void-storage.

    If it’s not something that I’ve used for mog recently, and don’t plan on mogging soon, I’ll go try and farm it on a toon or two that can equip the item. Once I have it on an alt, I delete it on the main.

    It’s not a quick way to clean up the main’s storage woes. However, it is “forcing” me to revisit old instances that I haven’t run in some time (Wailing Caverns ‘of the fang’ gear, I’m looking at you). It’s an amusing distraction with the added benefit of reminding me which toons missed out on dungeons or achievements within some dungeons (achievement toasts happening left and right).

    • Fiannor says:

      Clever way to create some space and continue to enjoy content at the same time. Not sure I have enough alts — or patience, honestly — to do it, but it is a great idea.

  2. I think you summed it up well — all this new bag space at the beginning of the expansion is full!
    Don’t laugh, but I am doing the opposite. I’m saving mats and gathering more! I think that I’ll want “sets” in my wardrobe; I think people will be buying sets in trade. Old school mats might be a very big thing that if I can stack them now, I might be Mr Resource in Legion.
    My non-crafting alts (miner and skinner for example) have tons of bag space — they can hold stacks of stuff for me.
    This is new; in the past, I unloaded all that I could and only farmed enough for a project (sandstone drake, for example). Now … it’s different and likely because I don’t “really” know how the wardrobe system will work.
    Good luck — it can take me an hour to cull through my main’s bags and bank.

    • Fiannor says:

      Haha! Who knows, you may be onto a genius strategy. You are not the only one who doesn’t know how the wardrobe system will actually work, we are all pretty much in the dark about it. Even if some people might understand it, the thing is that no one knows how it will play out for the economy in any server. Tailors, leather makers, and blacksmiths might get rich making certain sets, and people who have the legacy mats for those sets might also make a bundle. Or not. You are doing the only thing you can do, which is make your best guess and follow through on it.

  3. gnomecore says:

    I think it’s high time to arrange a bank day for my alts. I need to accumulate all the Draenor mats at 2 toons (Alliance and Horde) and sell them because I didn’t do any profession activity for a long time already.

    I need to throw away all the ship equipment because I don’t change it anymore for shipyard missions and you can’t sell it.

    Still I have very stuffed bags on my main. It’s mogging (which I already tried on), and it’s wanna-be toy items, so they’re not tradeable. When I run Molten Core for rep, I have not enough space for all the loot even if I collect only violet, the most expensive gear. All other toons are moderately good with bag space.

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