Cranky Monday

It’s Monday, I had a terrible weekend (entertained idiot in-laws). It’s the middle of May and still not getting to 60 degrees here in Virginia during the day, we have had rain every day for going on 3 weeks now, more predicted this week. WoW is pretty much in hiatus which means there is little to write about. It looks like once again there will be no Legion beta invite for me just as there has never, ever been a beta invite for me. Blizz appears intent on making the game appeal to a smaller and smaller audience, and I am sick and tired of all their crappy little “gotcha” ideas that do nothing to improve the game but are just change for the sake of change. And the damn deer just ate $150 worth of “deer resistant” flowers I planted last week.

I am pretty cranky.

*deep breath* Ommmmmmmmmmm………

Apologies to my readers — this will be a scattered and possibly whiny post, you may want to go re-read some old Grumpy Elf posts instead. I am only writing it as a possible way to shake off this horrible mood I am in.

Comments in order of my cranky list from above:

In-laws. They are finally gone, thank the stars. ‘Nuff said.

Weather. Nothing I can do about that, so I need to just shut up about it.

WoW currently in dead zone. I still find plenty to do, but honestly most of it is just marking time until what I anticipate will be the debacle of Legion. Now of course the entire point to the game is to waste time, so it seems a tad ironic to say that currently I feel like I am just wasting time, but still, there are productive and non-productive wastes of time, and I feel like I am immersed in the latter right now.

In particular, I am frustrated by the fact that nearly every class and spec will be massively changed come Legion. Again. Typically, I like to use the ends of expansions to become more proficient with my alts, to get them some gear, to maybe set them up for a bigger role in the next expansion. That particular fun aspect of play is becoming more and more pointless, because many of the nuanced things you might learn about playing a certain class or spec will be totally useless in the next expansion.

Example: I am leveling a ret/holy paladin and am having some fun with her, bopping around Azeroth, learning a play style I have no previous experience with. I find it intriguing that much of a pally’s power, no matter what the spec, comes from helping others in the form of protecting them from Bad Things. But honestly, I find myself uninterested in learning anything more than some very basic button pushing, because what’s the point? Same with my combat rogue — surprisingly, I am drawn to the current play style but again what’s the point of pursuing it? Combat rogues will not exist in their current form or with their current name in Legion.

Beta invite. I should probably treat this as I do the weather, but I am cranky enough that I can’t completely shut up about it. So I will whine a bit. I don’t even have anything pithy to say about it other than to throw a tantrum because no matter what I do, there is apparently no way for me to participate. I even enter those third party beta key giveaways various sites offer. I love this game, I am a conscientious and active player, I have played for over seven years, I certainly give honest feedback, I am responsible if given something to test, I enjoy a fairly wide variety of play styles and activities, and I think I represent a fairly large segment of the player base.

But I am unlucky, and Blizz — as well as the giveaway sites — chooses to make the beta RNG-based. You might think, with as many records as they keep about every statistic in the game, that they would keep a list of who has and has not yet participated in a beta and try to give everyone opting in a chance to play. You might even think that they would track active time in the beta and kick those who haven’t bothered to sign in for a couple of weeks — after all, they keep meticulous “active user time per month” stats to measure exec performance. But no and no. The only real thing they are interested in at this point is stress testing — can the system handle large populations — and they really don’t give a hoot in hell who is doing that, they are just numbers. No more substantive changes will be made at this point anyway. The “real” feedback type testing occurred in the Golden Group alpha testing. Now they just need bodies.

Which makes me all the more cranky when I hear various bloggers and others nattering on about how “anyone” can now participate, and how glorious it is, yada yada yada. And I am annoyed that, with apparently so many participating, there is still so little of substance being written about it — good or bad. So I am forced to write about small little tidbits I can scrape up here and there, to rely on other people’s opinions on this or that tiny aspect of the game.

Don’t mind me, I am just pitching a selfish fit.

Game appeal and crappy ideas. I have already written about these subjects extensively. But they add to my general crankiness especially on a day like today. I am still mulling over that whole “pay progressively higher gold to change specs” thing, worst idea they have come up with in a long time, and that is a pretty high bar. In fact, I was going to pre-order Legion yesterday, to get the boost I would use on my pally, but honestly that little spec-pay thing made me wait. It just seemes to be representative of a direction Legion — and Blizz — is taking the game, and it is a direction that does not appeal to me much.

Deer. See Weather. Also, I am hoping the local coyote population increases.

Check back tomorrow for a hopefully more pleasant post.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

3 Responses to Cranky Monday

  1. I wish you could have my Beta. You are right, I have no business with one — I’m just running around not even knowing what to test or how to report.
    I clicked the little down arrow over my Play button on the launcher and downloaded the Alpha, as it was called, and they sent me an email saying that I was invited. So, I jumped in the Stress Test all naïve and innocent.

  2. gnomecore says:

    First of all, let me deliver a piece of good news for you: Blizzard cancels fee for spec changing.

    Second, to the post theme of class changes.
    I’ve noticed one strange thing: class reboots add the new experience and new breath to the game.

    1. I’m an altoholic. And it’s partly because of when I start a new toon with the spec I’ve never played before, it’s like playing a completely new game. Even in the same dungeons and quests. Started a Brewmaster which will while away my time till August.

    2. At the same time, when I have to kill some mobs with my current top-level toons, I literally start yawning. Because I know the rotation to the bone and I could clear a batch for Tanaan daily while watching a movie.

    Class reboot gives you that feeling of new breath: you learn something new and it’s like starting a new toon, new excitement. And it’s not very complex to learn the new tricks as well. When I changed specs from Affliction to Destruction (completely new to me), I’ve grasped the idea in the first 15 minutes and showed #2 dps numbers in a timewalking dungeon.

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