I am still trying to believe what happened to me yesterday. It seems incredible, but after years of trying, I successfully tamed Arcturis and Terrorpene within the space of 15 minutes.



As I have mentioned a couple of times, I do not have the patience to camp rares for hours at a time, so what I do is drop by spawn areas once or twice a week, spend a couple of minutes, then move on. I try to vary my times, and usually I try to find a time when there is not much activity on my server. So yesterday early in the afternoon, finding myself with an hour of down time, I logged in and really just on a whim decided to buzz by and check out the spawn point for Arcturis. As usual, as has happened to me every time I have checked over the years, he was not there. Oh, well, I thought, let me wander out and check the mail, water a few flowers, take the trash out, etc.

When I got back inside, I glanced at my screen and there he was!  I blinked a couple times to make sure I was not hallucinating. Then, with shaking hands, afraid I would screw it up by hitting the wrong button and one-shotting him, I pressed my Tame Beast button, and suddenly he was mine. Incredible!

Feeling Fate barreling down on me, and even though I knew there was no chance, I immediately headed off to Hyjal to see if possibly Terrorpene was around. He was. Another Tame Beast button press and he, too, was mine. Beyond incredible!

Clearly, I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket. I was absolutely on a roll.

I am not a real avid collector of hunter pets, and over the years there have really only been a few that have been attractive enough to make me go out of my way to get them. Skoll. Arcturis. Terrorpene. Gara. That’s really it, my whole list. Gara of course was easy once Bendak, along with some of the top hunters in the community, put out a guide for how to track and tame him. But the other three have eluded me ever since they were available. Years. I was beginning to think there was just no way I would ever have them, but still I kept up my weekly attempts, feeble though they were.

Then, about three months ago, I happened on Skoll in one of my weekly fly-bys. I was thrilled beyond all description. I felt like even if I never got the other two pets on my list, I could deal with it, because I had Skoll.

My astounding luck in this case just dumbfounds me. Not only did I blindly stumble on my last two wanted pets, but I did so in the same day and actually in the same hour, heck, within the same quarter hour. Even more amazing, no other hunters were camping them, and no jerks were around to kill them before I could tame them. The stars and heavens aligned. Hallelujah. As icing on the cake, I think these last two pets have pretty much decided my Legion spec as BM. It would just be a shame to not quest and raid with them now that I have finally tamed them.

I am a happy hunter.

About Fiannor
I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

4 Responses to Stoked!

  1. Super Grats!
    Now you can strut in Dalaran! Players will whisper “where did you find that” and be amazed that it is not in the Broken Isles!

  2. Grumsta says:

    Great news, gratz! 🙂

    Do you find yourself thinking “so what am I going to do now….?”

    TLPD perhaps?

    I managed to get Onyxia this reset on my 60+ attempt (so well over a year of trying), and I now need a new mount to go for each week. It’ll probably be the Astral Cloud Serpent, which for me is tied in top place as coolest mount in the game with the Infinite Timereaver (which still eludes me).

    I have had a few goes at getting the Void Talon mount but it’s all been a bit half-hearted as I know how insanely low the chance of finding it is during the peak hours I play.

    • Fiannor says:

      Gratz on your mount! And good luck on the Astral Cloud Serpent. I have actually run across the TLPD multiple times while looking for Skoll, but I am not much of a mount collector, and each time I saw it, someone was camping it, so I just could never be bothered to compete for it. If I ever do encounter it again I may take a shot at it, though. The time to do it might be in the early days of Legion, when everyone is consumed with the new content. (That may be true for some other rare legacy hunter pets as well.)

      Yeah, getting my last two pets did leave me feeling a bit adrift. Reminds me a little of the great Spock line from one of the original Star Treks, “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”

      I do have another hunter who has only Gara of my top 4 list, so I think that will be my next long project.

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