Wild rides and profession decisions

I am chuckling to myself as I write this, because I feel like if I don’t type with blazing fast speed, everything will be overtaken by events before I get to the end of a paragraph. I spent a few hours yesterday putting together a detailed, illustrated post all about the quality of life changes in Legion. By the time I got done with it, Blizz had sorted out its rather considerable server and other problems with the PTR, and suddenly 90% of what I had written was now available to anyone wanting to log in to the PTR. Not wanting to insult your intelligence by pointing out obvious things you could easily — and more efficiently — see for yourselves, I threw the whole piece out.

The last few days have been a pretty wild ride with WoW. The sudden availability of the PTR was a surprise, I think, to everyone, but in typical Blizz fashion the rollout was a disaster. On the Blizz site, players were encouraged to copy over their characters and have fun with the PTR. As it turned out, Blizz was — once again — completely unprepared for the influx of players they themselves had encouraged to log in. The character copy did not work for most of the day, servers were overloaded and crashed, there were many many bugs that prevented players from doing anything other than wander around and try out some of the new UI and class features — that is, if they could log in at all or if having logged in the game did not crash.

We are approaching the 60-day mark for Legion launch, and I am getting a growing sense that the expansion will not be ready, but it will be launched anyway. WoD history will repeat itself. Everyone expects — or should expect — some hiccups in a PTR, but for Blizz to be disastrously unprepared for the very event they hyped does not bode well for the expansion’s live launch. The number of players opting in to the PTR has to be fairly well established and anticipated, and it is certainly nowhere near the number of players that will be clamoring to log in to Legion. Yet Blizz could not handle the PTR launch.

I wonder if possibly there was a rush to the PTR — and hence to the pre-patch — because Blizz is seeing increased subs as a result of the movie, and they do not wish to spook the newbies by letting them get used to a certain way of playing only to be rudely pushed into a different way. (Boohoo, new players, get used to it….)

One thing is sure, the next two months will be chaotic. Finish your WoD bucket lists and start getting ready for Legion, crunch time has arrived.

And while I am on the subject of Legion preps, there is one thing that could potentially have a very significant immediate impact on you, because you may wish to do some profession switching now while you have some time. Blizz is once again “encouraging” us to have a certain profession pattern — one crafting and one gathering per character. They are doing this by making the critical crafting mat, Blood of Sargeras, BoP, thus preventing us from committing the mortal sin of having some alts actually cooperate to help each other gear up. Thank you, Blizz, for keeping us pure.

There are several forum topics on this, but the bottom line is, unless Blizz changes something in a major way, it will require not only weeks but months for many players to gather enough of this mat to complete artifact quests or to craft a single item. Crafted items require 100 bloods each, and some artifact quests require 30 or more to complete the quest. (The drop rate seems similar to the rate for Felblight, but of course Felblight is BoE.) Even at a 10% drop rate, that will mean 500-1000 nodes will have to be farmed in order to craft one item. (And gathering nodes in Legion are nowhere near as plentiful as they were in Mists, they are possibly even more scarce than in WoD because of the change allowing multiple players to tap them.)

Blood of Sargeras drops from World Quests (5-6 at a time) and from gathering professions. This includes fishing, but the kicker is that it will only drop after you have done the lengthy quest line to get your fishing artifact (I am not making this up). There was a recent Blue post that indicated Blizz is considering increasing the drop rate from non-gathering sources, but there is not much detail on it, and honestly I do not trust them to close the gap much between drop rates and quest/crafting requirements.

No matter what tweaks Blizz makes at this point — barring a switch to BoA or BoE — if you have characters who are dual crafters, they will for all practical purposes be at a decided disadvantage crafting Legion items. Unfortunately if you drop one profession to take up a gathering one, you will lose any legacy recipes you may have learned. On the flip side, if you have a dual gatherer, the Blood of Sargeras they gather is completely useless beyond a couple of artifact quests, and you will have to vendor it for a few paltry copper when there are many many players — including probably some of your own alts — who would kill to have it.

It is possible that Blizz will shift on the BoP decision, but it is looking less and less likely they will do so in the near term, and if they do it at all it probably will not happen until the first or second or even third Legion patch. So you may wish to reevaluate your current profession lineup if crafting items early in the expansion is important to you.

So fasten your seat belts, make sure your tray tables and seat backs are in an upright and locked position, and hold on to your hats, we are off on a wild ride.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

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  1. Yikes. I’m thinking that it will much (much) easier to level up a crafting profession than a gathering profession.

    • Fiannor says:

      Probably true, but the sticking point is that a newly leveled crafting profession has no chance of regaining the legacy patterns/recipes you may have had on another alt. So if you have two crafting professions on one alt, and you have had those for a few expansions, you are totally screwed. You cankeep them and struggle to find enough Blood of Sargeras to actually craft Legion items with them, or you can write them off as useless in Legion, or you can drop one in favor of gathering and lose all your legacy — and possibly no longer available — patterns.

  2. Grumsta says:

    I am royally screwed by this BoS BoP design decision. Like probably 90% of the player base in WoD I dumped the then-worthless gathering professions on my main characters and made them dual crafting, then had mobile alts to do all the gathering in old xpacs (e.g. for Vial of the Sands mats).

    It wouldn’t be the end of the world to drop JC on my Mage and return him to Herbalism, but my other characters won’t be so easy to sort out. My Hunter has Cloth and Leather making, with lots of extra recipes learned (e.g. flying carpets and some cool legacy armour pieces), so he’s truly SOOL.

    I do enjoy fishing, so if the drop rates from angling are increased that would be my preferred method of BoS gathering, as it was for Felblight in WoD.

    I hope Blizz switch the BoS to BoA, or have some sort of exchange mechanic in place (even at a slight loss).

    There’s also a fair bit of panic over Blizz dropping the gold sale price from Follower Armour & Weapon upgrade tokens down to 1c in 7.0. Suddenly much of the money people were hoping to make from opening their Salvage Yard Crates in the pre-patch (taking advantage of the Transmog Wardrobe) took a nose-dive. Ouch.

    The howling has already started on Reddit over the crazy dps differences in the PTR between classes and even specs. Exactly the same as with 6.0 (PTR and pre-patch) and as you’ve said before it’ll all be repeated once people start levelling up their weapons too.

    Blizz have their work cut out for them in the next few months….. as indeed do we.

    • Fiannor says:

      Yeah, I think it is actually kind of a dirty trick to design a game in WoD that absolutely encouraged players to drop gathering professions, then turn around the very next expansion and almost require every character to have one. But as I have said before, Blizz is the teenager of game companies — it rarely considers the consequences of its design actions. They just seem incapable of projecting the details of design on to a big picture of game play. It’s as if their design plan is to figure out all the little cool details first, then see if they can weave a story around them. Additionally, I think this BoP decision confirms there is no one at Blizz who really plays this game beyond in a closed dev system.

      My alts are not in terrible shape, except for my monk with Engineering and Enchanting. I just don’t see a way for that alt to drop either profession, so she will be stuck with gathering BoS from fishing and world quests. I, too, enjoy fishing, but it takes so freaking long to level that I only have it maxed on my two main hunters, so if the fishing artifact quest line requires level 700 to start I am screwed on my monk. Also, throughout WoD I had absolutely terrible RNG luck on felblight, my drop rate stayed steady at right around 5%. If that is the drop rate I experience for BoS, then to craft one item will take me 2000 fish or gathering nodes.

      I have been reading the Reddit forums on classes, and I am very worried that there will be clear winners and losers in the Great Spec Lottery — and almost certainly if you pick one of the early winners, that spec will become a loser as Blizz does it usual teeter-totter “balancing” act over the course of the expansion. The big question for me is, which spec will be the Survival Hunter of Legion?

      • Grumsta says:

        Levelling fishing has been very quick since 6.2: you get 15 points of fishing per day from your garrison pond fishing trainer, plus what you get from catching the fish. If you have a main catching fish for raid food then send any spares over to your alt to “gut” and get the eggs from. 15 points per day = 47 days max from 1 to 700 even if you never catch a fish.

        I’d say that 5% felblight catch rate is about right, but that plus multiple Kazzak runs was enough to supply all my crafting needs. I’m hoping the Legion world bosses will do the same job as Kazzak did in WoD. We’ll see.

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