The patch is upon us

Well. At last we are truly into it. As you know unless you have been spending the last few weeks in a cave somewhere, the Legion pre-patch goes live with the reset this week, which means Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning in the U.S. I have to admit, I am more than ready for a change. Even if I am not happy about all the details of the change, sometimes you just need to do something different. It has been 13 months since we last had a major patch. Too long.

I spent the weekend squeezing out the last few bits of gold from my garrison and shipyard missions, leveling up my rogue’s new gathering profession of herbalism to 700, and just having some fun with my main hunter doing some instances and fun runs with my guild.

While gathering herbs in Pandaria, I stumbled upon Gumi, one of the spirit beasts from that patch. I quickly logged off my rogue and on to my hunter, got myself to the area and tamed this quirky porcupine pet. It is one of three spirit porcupines from Mists, the other two being Hutia and Dengu. In truth, they are not that hard to camp, as they spawn quite frequently,  and usually (maybe always?) at the same time, so I traveled around and got all three of them in the space of about 15 minutes. With my taming of Skoll and Arcturis a couple of months ago, along with a few other spirit and rare beasts I have tamed over the years, I am collecting a fair stable of spirit beasts. Nothing like some of the really dedicated hunters have, but possibly approaching respectable. I am thinking I will level with Arcturis in Legion, although it is very tempting to go with Terrorpene. I think the visuals make for nice symmetry questing with a turtle when hunters have the new Aspect of the Turtle that replaces Deterrence. And honestly, the pet nerfs for 7.0 are so severe that the only real factor in selecting a hunter pet now is the cosmetic effect, I am very sad to say.

This evening I will do my last few garrison missions, give my followers their pink slips, and start to make a couple of changes to my hunter gear to account for changing from Marksman to Beastmastery. Mainly this will mean unloading as much Crit and Multistrike as I can and loading up on Haste and Mastery. I am not going to do a huge gear change, because it is just not worth it when we will all get new gear as we level in Legion. But I will change out my trinkets, as some of the major ones from HFC will not be all that useful any more. (I will not be sad to get rid of my Mirror of the Blademaster — while it has been very effective, I really am not a fan of the visual for it.) And I will reroll the secondary stats on my three pieces of crafted gear.

Some of our community’s best hunters have published a couple of terrific getting started guides for your hunter in Patch 7. Check out Azortharion’s guide here on Icy Veins class columns (for the hunter spec you are interested in), and Bendak’s guides on his blog and on the column he writes for Blizzard Watch. There is a wealth of information in them that should help you if you are unsure of how to start getting familiar with all the hunter changes. These two hunters have really done the community a great service by getting these guides out in time for the pre-expansion patch.

I expect tomorrow most of my game time will be spent clearing out all the gear clogging up my bank and void storage slots, and if there is more time available to me I will get my new hunter action bars set up. Not sure if the addons I use — like Weakauras and Shadowed Unit Frames — will be ready to go or not, but if so, then there will be some reconfig necessary there also. I definitely want my hunter ready to go when the first Demon invasion hits.

I’ll reconfigure my alts over the course of the next week or so as time permits. And I feel like I will have significantly more time available, because I will stop doing all my garrison duties effective tomorrow. I’ll probably just not collect my mine and herb garden work orders and leave them where they are, just in case at some point in the future I need to quickly grab a couple of WoD mats. For now, I have plenty stockpiled, and I have already sold off the excess, so I think I am in good shape there.

Here’s hoping the pre-patch rollout goes smoothly. I probably will not write tomorrow, so see you on the other side!

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  1. Holy Smoke! Thanks for these excellent guide links! I was drifting along thinking that I’d have to do a lot of personal testing (with doubtful conclusions). And they are simply that: guides, not set in stone as the only way to play. Woot!

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