Dare we hope?

Short post today, summer lazies have overtaken me. Also, about the only thing going on for me in the game now is clearing out banks, selling gear, rounding up some glyphs from vendors, and the ever-popular RECONFIGURE YOUR ENTIRE HOTBAR SCHEME AND UI FOR EVERY FLIPPIN’ ALT. Not that I’m annoyed….

Anyway, that’s not what today’s topic is. Today’s topic is manners. Hold onto your hats and take a deep breath, because I have noticed that

Trade chat, LFR, and the general tone of the game has noticeably improved.


At least on my server. I have no idea how long this will last, but I am loving it. I am not a big believer in coincidences, so I have to think that Blizz’s new Cone of Silence rule has had some effect, if only temporarily. Fingers crossed.

Trade chat has become bearable again. No, it’s not where you go for intellectual discussion, but it is no longer toxic, and the bile-spewing hatemongers have either become almost civil, or they have disappeared. The usual summer influx of bored children showing off all the dirty words they know has not happened. People returning to the game after long absences ask questions, and others actually answer them without heaping flames of shame upon them.

Speaking of which (returning players), I have noticed quite a few of them since the patch. I did not notice any influx of new players as a result of the Warcraft movie, but the patch does seem to have enticed quite a number of players back. I don’t know how long it will last, but it is refreshing to see them (not to mention a tad amusing to witness their befuddlement with all the changes). Stormwind has become populated once more, and it seems like the long garrison exile is over.

My guild, too, has become more active, with probably double the number of players active every night now compared to the number we saw before the patch. I am hoping some of these returning players will need gear, pots, gems, and enchants, because it would be nice to put all those crafting cooldown mats to good use before Legion.

In short, I am seeing a tentative return to a sense of community, and I like it. I really hope it is the start of a rising trend, not just a temporary upward blip in what has been a descending spiral.

Tonight we are going to try a guild fun run through HFC. It should be a real circus, as we are all still learning our new class and spec changes. I am expecting a lot of really spectacular fails, with accompanying choruses of laughter.

Blog admin note: I will be taking some days off periodically until Legion goes live, cutting my posting back to 2-3 times a week. I feel like I need to get a short break in before the mad whirl of a new expansion is upon us. Plus, it’s summer, and summer is made for relaxing. Hammocks and sprinklers and beaches and barbecues await!

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