New kids

By this time next week all those who have pre-purchased Legion will be running wild with their new Demon Hunters. As soon as they manage to get out of the starting area, they will be everywhere, clogging up cities and LFR and dungeons and Tanaan dailies and Kazzak and Timewalking weeklies. It will be like tourist season in Washington, DC — busloads of clueless little DHs with matching tee shirts blocking the sidewalks and dropping ice cream cones all over the steps of the Smithsonian.  Expect some truly stinko new tanks and melee DPS, along with the odd competent one here and there.

Gold making opportunity? If you are a Leatherworker or Jewelcrafter, there might be an opportunity for you to squeeze a last bit of gold from WoD by crafting some leather gear and upgrades, or some rings/trinkets/gems for all these new leather wearers. Same with enchants. Also, expect the price of Felblight and even Savage Blood to go up for a while as all the new alts demand items that use these mats.

Looks like Crit and Versatility will be the main stats for Havoc, Haste and Mastery for Vengeance. So crit gems and enchants as well as haste gems and enchants might do well. The best stat “flavors” to look for will probably be “Of the Quickblade” for Havoc and “Of the Feverflare” for Vengeance.

I will probably roll a DH, because — well — I can, but honestly I doubt if I will keep it for long. I briefly tried one in beta, and they are novel and have some nice fun mechanics, but they are not really my cup of tea. For one thing, I am not and never will be a tank, and I am also not a big fan of the melee play style. I had the same problem with DKs — I have probably rolled 3-4 of them since their introduction, but I always end up deleting them as soon as they get to max level or even before. I  can’t seem to sustain my interest in them.

As an aside, I am not impressed with either the Rambo or Xena chest style. I am like, sheesh put a shirt on will ya? I bristle over the idea that Blizz is now dictating fashion to us , along with all the other things they dictate like the proper way to have fun, the proper way to “immerse” oneself in the game, the approved fantasy for each class, etc. I don’t know if it will be possible to put a shirt on my DH but if it is I will do so just to be contrary.

But back to my point. I think the comparison to DKs is apt. Both are hero classes, both were rolled out with a lot of fanfare, both are/were seemingly way overpowered at the beginning to entice a lot of players to roll them. My hat is off to any DK that has stuck with the class since the beginning, as it has been a real roller coaster ride for them. They have gone through several cycles of overpowered-underpowered, and they have suffered through being a standing joke as a class to being pretty much ignored to finally winning some respect. It has not been an easy transition.

I think that kind of long transition is exactly what is in store for DHs. We will see a ton of them initially, and inevitably most people will not play them well or even adequately. There will be various reasons for this — some players have never been a tank before but will think now is a great time to learn on their new DH, some chronic ranged players will suddenly be enmeshed in the world of melee, some will not really take the time to figure out how to do anything other than double jump on their new character, etc. Whatever the reasons, there will be far more incompetent DHs at first than competent ones, and this will inevitably lead to them getting a bad rep, just like DKs did at first. (As a hunter, I am ashamed to admit, I am looking forward to this, because for a short time hunters will stop being the butt of adolescent jokes. Sorry, schadenfreude is an ugly thing…)

There will also be a significant nerf coming to DHs, probably around the time of the first Legion patch. Right now, they just have too many advantages over most other classes. It is virtually certain that the double jump mechanic will be used in ways Blizz has never thought of, to make some bosses and/or achievements trivial, or to get a perceived unfair advantage in one venue or another. So there will be a series of “adjustments” to that mechanic, just as one example.

In the past when Blizz has introduced a new class or race, I have always tried them out. As I said, I could never make a DK work for me, but I still like my Worgen hunter (in fact it has been my main now for a couple of years), and I still love playing my Panda monk (though I have never really devoted the time necessary to get good at it).

So of course I will roll a DH. I will be the one doing 10k DPS in your LFR group. Please don’t kick me. I’m new in town.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

2 Responses to New kids

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the new DH starter zone and story. I might try it next week or in three months with little intention of carrying it any farther. These new areas, like the panda, goblin, worgen are fantastic and fun; I expect the same from the Demon Hunter.

    • Fiannor says:

      The new starting areas do tend to be fun to explore and experience. (I still wish my Worgen could have access to Gilneas.) I think you will have a good time with your DH whenever you decide to roll it, and who knows? You might end up keeping it and turning to it whenever you need a break.

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