Patch 7.1?

Late Edit. After I wrote this, the Official 7.1 Patch Notes came out, and contrary to what we were led to believe from the initial patch notes, BM hunters — and to some extent MM as well — were once again pretty much ignored. The Trailblazer talent did appear, but none of the other talent items I listed below. Plus there was a 37.5% nerf to Posthaste, presumably so that Trailblazer would be more attractive as a talent in that line.

Unfortunately, what this means to me is that the real “Phase 2” of Ion Hazzikostas’s Grand Plan for Hunters has not yet been put into effect, and we can look forward to a long, slow process for hunters. If at all. I would have liked to see a short explanation of why the apparently-planned other changes did not occur, but that would imply respect for the hunter class. One hopes the reason is that there are much more sweeping changes in the works and so there was no point in making a couple of small changes now. But of course, one has been sorely disappointed before….

Tomorrow Legion’s Patch 7.1 drops in the U.S., a few hours later in Europe. There are plenty of sites with summaries and data mining guesses, as well as info gleaned from PTR experience, among them Wowhead, IcyVeins, the official Blizz site, the PCGames site, and no doubt tons of others. Check them out if you are the type that likes to do last-minute prep.

One thing that comes through loud and clear with Patch 7.1 is that Blizz is making sure they avoid the variations on “lame” they were accused of (with justification) for the first patch of WoD. No one can say this patch is not chock full of new content, with new world quests, new zone quest lines, a new mini-raid, and of course the much-anticipated Return to Karazhan.

You wanted content, all right, I got your content right here! Now stop whining!

I am not sure how RtK will turn out. I know there a lot of people — possibly many of you even — who look back on the original Karazhan as a highlight of your group play. You remember fondly the various bosses, the trouble you had and overcame as a group in figuring out the admittedly innovative mechanics, took delight in the way the dungeon intertwined with other forms of art and leisure activity.

As a disclaimer, I never ran Karazhan when it was current, I only experienced it as a quick “fun run” when we were all overgeared for it, or when we decided to do a naked run or a protect-the-baby competition or something similar just for fun. On those occasions, honestly, I found the dungeon to be boring and tedious. I did not have any of the “fond memories” others clearly did and still do, to me it was just another place to do some guild night activities in.

So I am not looking forward especially to returning to it. As a game design, I wonder a bit about designing what is basically a 5-man raid, a complex Mythic-only dungeon with 11 known bosses and almost certainly some hidden ones, with extraordinarily complex mechanics, that will take hours to complete. For loot, gear base levels increase with later bosses, starting off at 855 and ending at 875 (with of course the almost-negligible chance of significant random upgrades). So loot is not bad, although I wonder if it will be much of a motivator, since the kind of 5-man group able to complete it will likely have most of their gear already at or beyond the 860 level. (Will there be RtK Mythic+ runs? I already think of places like Arcway and Court of Stars as nightmarish for anything other than a regular Mythic run…)

I find myself wondering who the target player audience is for RtK. It is certainly not the typical guild group looking to knock out a few 5-mans after a raid or on an off night. It seems like it is not a dungeon conducive to pugs, nor to casual guilds with a continually-changing cast of logged in players. It seems to award gear too low to attract more than a once-through for the achievement for hardcore raiding guilds, yet be too challenging for groups that would greatly benefit from the gear. About the only players I see loving this a few diehard “good old days” types who will run it for the perceived nostalgia and who can find 4 other individuals who are either similarly nostalgia-imbued or who could use a couple targeted pieces of gear.

The other thing with RtK is that it will probably exacerbate the already-concerning problem of guild tank and healer burnout we are seeing from trying to get Mythic+ runs for guildies.

Patch 7.1 has a few economic and quality of life changes as well. The Blood of Sargeras vendor will appear in Dalaran, allowing players to buy mats with BoS. For example, you can buy 10 herbs with one blood, and the thing here is that number applies to any herb, even the still-overpriced Starlight Rose. (Late edit: Not so, see the comments below.) As herbs on my server still go for exorbitant prices in the auction house, it should be interesting to see what if any effect this will have on those AH prices.

The big news, and the one touted by Blizz as being a magnanimous concession to alt play, is that unlocking world quests now becomes account wide. It certainly is a step in the right direction, but I would have liked to see some significant profession changes, too. At least something that would alleviate the horribly high gear and skill requirements to run Mythic dungeons just to be able to get profession recipes, and removing the RNG component. (I have already abandoned my attempts to level LW on my main — getting even the vendored pattern upgrades is far too expensive to justify, especially when you realize that crafted gear, even if upgraded to 850, is pretty useless except temporarily for some rarely-played alts.)

There are also quite a number of class changes, mostly in the name of “balance”. The hunter changes seem less numerous than those for other classes, and they seem a mix of nerfs and buffs. Though I will wait to see how they play out, especially for Beast Masters, a couple of them stood out for me. Basically, the hunter changes involve talents, and they seem to be the “phase 2” part of what Ion Hazzikostas was talking about when he outlined upcoming hunter changes. One hopes this is the case, as it might indicate that actual core mechanic changes (the supposed “phase 3”) are in the works for 7.2.

One that got my attention was the removal of Dash from the level 45 talent line and its replacement with something called Trailblazer. Delirium, over at The Thrill of the Wild, had a nice summary of the change a couple of weeks ago:

Aspect of the Cheetah:
The first change is the return of Aspect of the Cheetah, sort of…
Trailblazer: Your movement speed is increased by 25% anytime you have not attacked for 3 seconds.
This talent will replace the currently very underused, if ever used, talent Dash, which adds an additional 3 seconds to the duration of Aspect of the Cheetah. Instead, now, we’ll have a buff that’s similar to the old Aspect of the Cheetah, giving us a run speed buff whenever we’re not in combat.

It’s very hard to imagine taking this over Posthaste, for me, but I’m still excited about this change. For hunters, especially Marks hunters, we have almost no choices in our talents. The disparity between talents is fairly extreme, even in very different situations: high mobility vs low mobility, single target vs multi-target, etc. The only time I change talents at all is if I want a pet tank, which really isn’t often, and is never in group content.

On the minus side, in terms of mobility, however, I see that Disengage is going from a 20-second cooldown to a 30-second one. Note that by increasing the cooldown for DE, there is the additional effect of decreasing hunter mobility from Posthaste. This is pretty significant and also pretty discouraging, because it means that Blizz will be continuing to nerf the “obvious” talent choices they engineered, rather than simply buff the weak ones. I do not know what the cumulative effect of this will be, but common sense says that it will serve to weaken hunter damage a bit. Whether that turns out to be significant or not remains to be seen.

I note that the teacher’s-pet mages, however, still have a 15-second cooldown for Blink… 

A Murder of Crows and Volley are getting some buffs, presumably in an attempt to make Barrage less of a must-choose for level 90 talents. (Recall that Barrage already received its 20% nerf a while back.)

MM hunters are losing their special extra-health version of Exhilaration (they will now get the same 30% health restoration that SV and BM do), and in its place they are getting the option for an additional 20 focus, bringing their focus to 120 (I think).

As I said, I will wait to see how the hunter changes play out after the patch goes live, but I really hope that these are indeed the phase 2 Hazzikostas talked about, and that as soon as we get some word on 7.2, there will be some significant baseline changes to hunter mechanics.

Meanwhile, on to Patch 7.1.

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7 Responses to Patch 7.1?

  1. Marathal says:

    RtK or R2K won’t be for me. At least not in the near future. I don’t know if I will ever be up for that level this expansion. I’ve done 2 Mythic dungeons and a Mythic+3 that was more stressful than most anything I have done playing WoW. I did Kara years ago during Wrath when the majority of us were at the appropriate level. A few in group were higher level but in quest green gear. It was a long fight. It took more hours than I care to remember. And the one thing I took from the whole place was that it’s was huge, it was a design masterpiece, but it was not fun. I did not return there until we were almost done running Firelands, when I started mount farming.

    I have Mythic quests for Vault of the Wardens, Court of Stars, and The Arcway. I may actually end the expansion with them incomplete. I don’t play the Alt game. My DPS is not good enough to make the raid team, even for Alt runs, I’ve been so bogged down with World quests that I have only done 3 maybe 4 dungeons? 2 or 3 on heroic I think. No. Kara is a long way off for me. I need to find a new way to play. Because I can’t keep up with everyone else.

    • Fiannor says:

      I am not sure I will ever complete R2K myself. I am not an achievement hound, and it seems unlikely that our guild will have more than 1 or 2 5-man groups wanting to do it, and those will be very close knit groups of friends I suspect. It is not high on my priority list atm.

      • Marathal says:

        I think we may have more doing it. But I can see it quickly getting old once you do a couple full clears.

  2. Thuggs says:

    I left WOW at the start of patch 7.0 even before the expansion due to the wholesale destruction of the hunter class. I write now, because, I wanted to try to explain from one nostalgic individual to someone who doesn’t understand the nostalgia. Karazhan for many was their first real raid. Many who didn’t have the connections, the social networks, or the understanding how to get into the Vanilla raids, or didn’t advance at the breakneck pace to do equivalent “ahead of the curve” raiding in BC found a way to raid Karazhan.

    It was there that I was tutored and learned how to kite, how to trap, how to manage aggro, how to work as part of a 10 man team. It was there that we first accidently pulled the room of party goers, and there that we found the rewards of real raiding. Difficult content, that required coordination, communication in an environment that seemed larger than life. Optional bosses, varied mechanics, labyrinth like tower with options to go different routes. It was a raid that you didn’t finish in one night, and provided many their first real slog, which only enriched and deepened the sense of team that developed with these new raiders.

    This was the first raid that was accessible to the try hards and casuals, to the players who had always fantasized about “RAIDING” but never had their ticket punched.

    It is the only thing that has seriously pulled on me to rejoin the game…

    Then I continue to watch the malfeasance that is the hunter class management by the devs, and it all goes in the pooper.

    GL and I hope they are able to capture some small part of the magic that was Karazhan.

    • Fiannor says:

      @Thuggs –Deleted one of your comments because it appeared to be a dupe of this one.

      Thanks for the remarks, definitely helps me to put the “nostalgia” effect into perspective.

  3. Grumsta says:

    Small correction: “For example, you can buy 10 herbs with one blood, and the thing here is that number applies to any herb, even the still-overpriced Starlight Rose.”

    You only get 3 Starlight Rose per BoS, not 10 like the other herbs. It’s still the main gating mechanism for pots and flasks.

    • Fiannor says:

      Uffda, I didn’t check the vendor yesterday, thought the early notes said 10. Thanks for the info. That explains why there seems so far to have been no change in AH prices.

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