Patches 7.1.5 and 7.2

Today’s post may be a bit disjointed, I am still juggling repairs for our flooded basement and hot water heater replacement, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about some of the recent changes in the game.

Patch 7.1.5 rolled out Tuesday, and from my point of view it was pretty smooth, with the exception of the patch notes goat rope. The class changes took a little getting used to for some specs, and our Tuesday night raid was kind of off as a result, but there are some nice features in the patch.

I am fine with the BM hunter changes, and the MM hunters in our guild — one of whom admits he is a real dps whore — are good with their changes, also. MM lost a little AoE capability but it seems not too significant. BM got some very decent buffs, making the spec pretty crazy with massive AoE. And traps are back, which is awesome.

I think Blizz made incremental progress in giving a few more actual choices in talent tiers, but there are still too many where there is one clear required talent and/or one clearly useless talent. Barrage, in spite of getting a buff for BM, is still the worst choice by far in that tier, but on the other hand Volley now has some utility in certain situations.

The one change I did notice that makes a noticeable difference, though, is the nerf to the BM legendary belt, Roar of the Seven Lions. In my opinion, the previous stats on it were the one thing that seemed to correct the abysmally slow BM rotation, the saving change that brought back some fun to the spec. Now that the belt’s focus cost reduction has been nerfed by 25%, we are back to a very clunky rotation.

And the BM changes have still done nothing to give the spec any semblance of burst capability, no cooldowns unless you count Stampede which few hunters do since it stinks so bad as a talent. It is frustrating to be at a crucial point in downing a boss, and when the RL says to give it everything you’ve got, all you can do is maybe punch your keyboard harder (at the same slow pace) and set your mouth in a determined manner.

Also, I  can’t really tell any difference in Hati’s relative speed (or lack thereof) in ambling towards a target.

I am not a fan of Brawler’s Guild, but the people in my guild that enjoy it seemed pleased with its return and the new bosses. Me, I had some fun with the new books you can buy and send to your alts that bump up your artifact knowledge to level 20 (if you have completed level 25 on the character you buy it on). It was kind of a kick to use the book, then do a couple of World Quests and advance your artifact traits by 10 or more all at once.

Other than these things, I have not had a lot of time to explore the 7.1.5 changes (spent a lot of time the past couple of days with plumbers and contractors), but it seems to be a decent patch for a “minor” patch. Hopefully maybe next week we can get a look at the Mists timewalking dungeons, and I will have some time to check out a few more of the quality of life improvements in the group finder, and explore the new world quests. I don’t have a leveled engineer or enchanter, so those changes aren’t of much interest to me, and my JC is still stuck in the ridiculous dungeon requirements so probably not too interested in the JC changes.

Our guild has both EN and ToV heroic on farm,  and we have even downed a couple of EN mythic bosses, so the release of Nighthold next week will be fun. When it was first announced, I thought it might be a little soon, but honestly we are pretty bored with the current tier. And it will be nice to complain about not getting tier gear instead of complaining about not getting regular gear 😉

Now people’s attention will turn to Patch 7.2, which we are told will soon be up on the PTR. Of course the main thing I am looking forward to is flying — we will see how many more requirements Blizz piles on before they let us have it.

The other two things we have been promised in 7.2 — from Thursday’s dev Q&A — are more class changes, specifically more hunter changes (unspecified), and some more profession changes. Not to get too deeply into the whole professions thing, but it seems like Blizz kind of knows they screwed them up in Legion, even though in the Q&A Kubit explained to us how much of a success things like obliterum, and quickly obsolete crafted gear, and expensive mats are.

I was kind of amazed that Kubit seemed to think the whole reason mats are more expensive in Legion is because they cannot be farmed in a garrison like they were in WoD. No mention of the great gold giveaway that led to pretty significant inflation for all items.

I was also amused that both he and Lore are under the impression that time required to craft an item (as well as to gather mats) translates to a higher price. My experience has been that long crafting times (such as the ones we had in WoD due to cooldowns) or scattered nodes mean absolutely nothing for prices after about the first month. There are always people willing to sell them for a few gold over mat cost, with no regard for the amount of time invested in crafting the item or gathering the mats. Most people place no value on their time in a computer game, maybe since their purpose usually is to waste time anyway.

7.1.5 seems a relative success, but 7.2 really is the patch I hold out the most hope for.

Sorry for the scattershot approach in this post. Hopefully by Monday I will have my thoughts better organized. Everyone have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Patches 7.1.5 and 7.2

  1. Grumsta says:

    The hardest part of 7.1.5 has been trying to separate the fact from the speculation. In the absence of timely, accurate and complete patch notes there was far more of the latter going on.

    My concerns about losing Ice Floes proved unfounded, I quickly adapted to losing that spell, even on Odyn and Helya Heroic. Having the legendary Fire Belt helps enormously as I need to use Scorch a lot more now anyway. The burst has been dropped (much needed) and sustained has been boosted (very welcome). The spec plays much better as a result.

    The thing about 7.1.5 that surprised me most was how much trinkets have changed: some like the Ruby from Kara have been nerfed extremely hard. I was expecting some tuning, but I didn’t expect to be replacing it entirely, even for AoE fights.

    The tuning has pushed Crit back below INT, and my ilvl went up by 5 points because it was now worth equipping some items that I’d been carrying in my bags for a few weeks “just in case”.

    The nicest part is that I have talent choices on 2 (maybe 3) rows, rather than just alternating between Living Bomb and Unstable Magic for AoE / ST fights respectively.

    We downed H Guam on the first pull of the night, and downed H Helya on the final pull of the night (with about 20 pulls of “varying length” in between), it was nice to get the Curve before NH opens next week 🙂

    • Fiannor says:

      Glad to hear loss of Ice Floes turned out to be less onerous than expected. And grate on AotC with H Helya — ToV is a raid I have no intention of visiting again now that Nighthold is almost out.

      I did not notice problems with trinkets, but maybe that is because I have very few of them. What I am finding astounding is the rebalance that now puts the primary stat of agility LOWER than secondary stats of mastery, crit, haste. This to my mind is really a bad move, if for no other reason than it makes many ilevel gear increases even more irrelevant than they were in 7.1. Which really throws an additional monkey wrench into the whole loot sharing mechanic, among other things. I haven’t thought it through, but it seems to me Blizz has managed to make an already chaotic stat picture even more so. Once again, I am dumbfounded at their inability to get this even close to right.

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