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Short post today, lots going on IRL. I did take the time to listen to the Q&A yesterday, and I am sorry I wasted an hour. I suppose there were a couple of interesting revelations about legendaries, but all in all it was pretty bland. Hazzikostas spent about 90% of the time talking about, yes you guessed it, gear — artifact appearances, artifact power, artifact relics, tier gear, trinkets, and legendaries legendaries legendaries. I hoped a question about secondary stats might lead to one on class balance, but no, secondary stats were discussed only insofar as they affect gear not as they affect class play styles.

As I said in my last post, Legion — and dev focus — has morphed into something  that certainly seems more gear-centric than I can remember in the game. I would really have liked to hear some discussion on class balance, maybe even one tiny mention of the long-promised help for the hunter play style, but no, just mainly gear gear gear.

Side note: Sorry, but the “fixes” Blizz has made thus far to hunters have done absolutely nothing to improve a clumsy and awkward rotation, have given BM players zero burst capability, have not significantly improved the deplorable pet pathing or Hati problem, have done precious little to restore the mobility Legion removed. We finally got some traps back, which was nice, but other than that all we have gotten are some shut-them-up number tweaks. It has never been about the numbers. I would have thought Hazzikostas might have at least mentioned the going forward plan for some of the worst classes, but nope, not a peep, as if that is now no longer a problem or at least not one they want to talk about any more.

Maybe the whole question of fixing classes is in the “too hard” category, and it is easier to focus on gear… I do find it amusing to watch Blizz scramble to apply bandaid after bandaid to the whole legendary process — there was even an expanded explanatory blue post later yesterday (collected here by MMO-C) — in an attempt to “fix” something that was poorly conceived and implemented, and which has had cascading major effects on nearly all class play. I am willing to bet more than one dev heartily wishes these legendaries would just disappear from the game.

I am betting one of the non-gear subjects discussed — the demise of some world competitive mythic guilds — will get a lot of attention in the blogosphere in the next couple of days. Towards the end, Hazzikostas very delicately took some of those guilds to task for promoting polices almost guaranteed to quickly burn people out. I thought he had some excellent points, but more than anything I was heartened to hear him say Blizz recognizes that many players perceive Legion to be overly — and endlessly — grindy. He said 7.2 will alleviate much of that feeling. I hope it does, although I think the solutions he has offered so far will fall short. Still, it is hopeful that they at least recognize the problem.

The only other item of mild interest was the short discussion of group buffing abilities. Apparently these are just an experiment (?), which is why only a few classes have them. I thought it was pretty naive of him to go on and say he does not expect that raid teams will stack them or select certain class/specs purely to take advantage of them. Really? What planet has he actually been living on for the last couple of years? He scolded some of the top guilds for going overboard on competing for world first, and he doesn’t think they will stack raid buffs?

So, as Q&A sessions go, the one yesterday was not awful, but it was also relatively uninformative. Just my two cents. Gotta get to my chores for the day, everyone have a nice weekend.

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  1. I watched it too. I agree, I didn’t walk away from the hour thinking that there was any information that I wanted to remember.

  2. I thought the panel was dedicated nearly entirely to slight modifications of all the end game systems. If you look at each one individually, its like, “Wow, that seems so obvious now…”

    For instance, essential recipes acquisition based on rng for professions are now going to get back luck protected. Wow! You mean the RNG gods didn’t award everyone who wanted to explore their professions? It was a clearly foreseeable outcome of putting a necessary or highly desired item into the RNG generation system.

    These are all minor tweaks that were all foreseeable outcomes of the systems as designed. You don’t believe me?

    Legendaries. We have these cool legendaries that drop from near anything some are super cool effects and some are real useful for combat dps/hps/etc, some are spec specific and others not. And then on cue: legendaries are going to have bad luck protection per specific legendaries drawing from a queue of established not having had but preferential for your spec setting secondary playtime preference if you have no set specific cascading through… To accomplish what was obvious from the start. Having legendaries of vast different utility/throughput on the same drop table amid all the differential just makes huge winners and huge losers.

    What he fails to see in his “fun moments” when you win and get an upgrade, when it makes getting “loot exciting” is that those moments are not often moments of joy. More oft than not they are moments of relief, because they’ve been teased with failure for so long they can’t be bothered to be excited to get gear.

  3. I am already feeling like I’m scrambling to keep up with the AP grinding, because I don’t do M+. To hear they’re adding a bunch more traits is really discouraging.

    I will say I still enjoy my lowbie BM hunters, though the downtime is frustrating. I just can’t deal with Hati at 100 though, lol.

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