Patch 7.2 is upon us

Well, the big news from yesterday’s Q&A is that Patch 7.2 will go live at the next reset. I suppose this is good news — the current content is getting a bit worn, although honestly I would be able to find too much to do in it for weeks or even months yet. Still, it is always fun to get new shinies.

No question in my mind, flying will be my main and most frenetic focus for the first couple of weeks until I get she achievement. I am heartily sick of bumbling around on the ground and being forced to take commercial air to get to far away places. Flight paths are still too roundabout for my tastes, and if I am going to take scenic tourist flights, then I want to be able to swoop down or stop at interesting points I see from the air.

Not going to lie, I am also waiting for flying to get some profession quest lines finished on alts. Some of them are too lightly geared to deal efficiently with mobs encountered getting to or getting out of quest areas. If the quest is to kill 12 bears, for example, I do not want to have also fight my through an area packed with spiders or rabid plant life, both entering and exiting the quest area. And I am also waiting on flying to level a couple of my more problematic alts (looking at you, Mage).

I have Pathfinder Part 1 finished, so it will just be a matter of grinding out the new rep and other requirements for Part 2. I am not really that happy with Blizz introducing an entire new faction for us to get rep with for this achievement, however. It just strikes me as Blizz once again — in what has become a depressing pattern — screwing with us, moving the goal posts just as we get close enough to think we are finished. To add insult to injury, no existing rep tokens count for the new rep.

Similarly, Patch 7.2 will permit (ok, “force”) us to increase the gear level of our class hall champions if we wish to use them for new missions. But all those gear upgrade tokens you have been collecting ever since your champions all reached level 850? Yup, you guessed it, worthless. There will be new ones we can grind for endlessly.

The other goal post that has been moved is of course the artifact trait one. I would not ever characterize myself as a completionist when it comes to achievements in this game, but there is just something mean about letting me get a whiff of success at maxing out my artifact traits — I am at 52 right now — then move that goal nearly out of range (there will be something like 50 more traits or trait levels in 7.2, and each will cost millions or even tens of millions of AP to get).

It just feels like Blizz ran out of good ideas and decided that redoing artifact traits, class hall quest lines, champion missions, faction rep, and class hall research was the way to go. Yeah, take what are arguably the most annoying parts of Legion and make everyone do a do-over on them and pass it off as new content….

I have not played the PTR lately, so I only have what I read to go by for some of the upcoming changes. In general, I kind of liked the world scenarios we got at the end of WoD as prep for Legion. They were fun to me because they really were completely optional. I am not so sure how much I will like them now that they will be a requirement for another achievement.

I don’t really understand the mechanics of establishing a new class hall base on a new island — this is beginning to smell like more garrisons to me. And I surely do not get the building mechanic. Apparently, each region and/or server group somehow “votes” for the kind of building (one of three possibles) they want. From what I can glean, you “vote” by collecting and giving up nethershards (something new to grind for, but remember Blizz hates collecting currency except when they don’t). At some point there are enough votes for the building to be constructed, it gives a local buff, lasts for 72 hours, gets destroyed by the Legion, then everyone gets to start all over again.

Forgive me if I am not jumping up and down in anticipation of what appears will be yet another depressing Sisyphean activity.

There will be some number of user interface upgrades in the new patch. Again, this is always nice, but the ones I saw were ones I have long ago fixed by using an addon. Blizz’s UI is generally poor, and they remain extremely lazy about fixing it because they know addons will fill in the holes until they get around to making a stab at it.Reading about the upcoming changes, it seems like my addons will still be leagues better than Blizz’s “fixes”.

I have not seen any updated official 7.2 patch notes yet, which makes me wonder if once again — like for 7.1.5 — they will only be published a few hours before the patch goes live, and even then they will be incomplete and straight out wrong in some instances. I would think if a new patch is deemed ready for prime time, that part of that includes having well-written and complete patch notes, but I guess this is not a priority for Blizz.

Still, for all my crabbiness about 7.2, I have to give Blizz credit for thus far sticking to their promise of continually pumping out new Legion content. I honestly did not think they would be able to do it, and I am happy to be proven wrong so far. In my opinion, “content” is at once the best and worst feature of Legion. The best because, well, there is undeniably a lot of it and it keeps changing and morphing at a pretty furious pace. The worst because too much of it is required rather than just optional — I say required because it is part and parcel of nearly every conceivable game goal for almost any player.

(For example, running dungeons is required in order to complete zones, develop professions, do class hall quest lines, etc. There is no  path to accomplishing these activities without running dungeons. Just my opinion, I know, but to me this is cramming certain content down people’s throats, forcing certain very narrow play styles on every character.)

There is a ton of stuff in Patch 7.2, and I have not even touched the surface. It will be here in a few days, and at that time we will all be able to judge for ourselves what works and what doesn’t in it.

Apologies for the rather disorganized comments today, I am on the phone fighting with customer service over what should be a simple door opening mod to my new dryer, and I am at wit’s end over trying to explain the problem to what seems to be someone with the technical grasp of a carrot on the other end of the line. I thonk I see alcohol in my near future.

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5 Responses to Patch 7.2 is upon us

  1. Marathal says:

    I know many are thrilled. I’m not. And I will leave it at that.

    • Don’t worry, I’m not thrilled either. More or less watching and chuckling to myself. So so so so happy I tagged out on this expansion. Unless something dramatically changes (likely with Blizz) I don’t expect to tag back in.

      • Marathal says:

        I am waiting to see. I think it’s like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears of design. WoD, this expansion had too little, Legion, this expansion has too much, the next?

  2. Grumsta says:

    Very useful thread on Reddit explaining what’s coming in 7.2 and what you need to do:

    It contains this encouraging summary of the patch:-

    “Theme of 7.2 – Catchup and Reroll

    Simply put, 7.2 is a breather. There is new content but there is no new raid. There are no new legendaries to roll into (craftables don’t count) and 7.2.5 will shake up classes quite a bit. Use this time to relax and enjoy the new content, develop some alts, work towards your remaining legendaries and some other goals while you work on finishing up Nighthold. I would especially recommend making alts – now’s a good time as any, there are plenty of catchups with gear now and with Artifact power AND it would pre-prep you for 7.2.5’s changes. If you find your main uninteresting, change things up and see with another class or spec. You can use several way to help get legendaries quicker (there are now more sources of legendaries – Paragon Emissary Caches and Relinquished Gear via Nethershard vendors are some new examples), Heroic NH should be much easier since you immediately get a 10% boost in power at 36 to gear up extremely quickly.
    Now’s a good time as ever to play Legion and reroll and respec.”

    I must confess I groaned when I saw what was planned for 7.2 (especially the Garrison-esque bits) but maybe it won’t be so bad…?

    • Fiannor says:

      Thanks, Grum, that is an encouraging article. I usually stay current on Reddit but somehow missed that one. I think all of us playing Legion could use a break, so I hope 7.2 does turn out to be such.

      I have pretty much abandoned my class hall missions and champions, and honestly I hope the new pieces to this are as useless as the current ones — I am sick of the whole mechanic and will be pretty annoyed if the new version turns out to be required in order to see or participate in other parts of the game. About the only part hat seems useful to me is the bodyguard, which I have found very handy for my squishier alts (that is, every class but hunters) while leveling and doing world quests.

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