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OK, the thoughts in this post are not actually mythic in scope or depth, rather these are some thoughts about the mythic structure(s) in WoW. (Instances, not raids.) They have been rattling around in my brain for a while now, but began to coalesce only a few days ago when I suddenly acquired five new quests involving completion of five Mythic dungeons. The quests include three Mythics for an artifact appearance unlock (Step 10 of what appears to be an endless chain: Balance of Power), and two to unlock leatherworking craftable legendaries.

To be fair, I really don’t care much about either goal. I think all BM hunter artifact appearances stink, so I transmog my weapon into a cool bow anyway, and Blizz really does nothing to change the appearance of Hati, an integral part of the BM artifact weapon, as they have told us time and again, so really what’s the point. As for the LW legendaries, these are pretty much just stat sticks, and a huge amount of trouble and expense to make for something that will likely be replaced as soon as you get a “real” one anyway. I have seen them go for 300k+ gold on our auction house — it will be interesting to see how many of them actually sell at that price. I can’t fault the sellers for setting such prices, as the items are ridiculously difficult and expensive too make, but I suspect not many people will be willing to buy them at that level.

Anyway, this is not a post about legendaries or artifacts, rather about the Mythic systems in the current game. As I was mournfully reading over my list of 5 Mythic quests, it occurred to me that even getting into Mythic groups was going to be stupidly hard to do. Why? Glad you asked.

For one thing, players cannot get quest items from Mythic+ dungeons, they must be regular Mythics. I understand the reason for this — M+ runs are all about speed, which is why for example no mobs or bosses save the last one drop any loot. You really do not want players slowing down the group by hunting around for loot or quest items. But the thing is, it is nigh onto impossible to find a group running just regular Mythic dungeons.

I am in a great guild, very active, and there are quite a few people who chain run M+ dungeons every week. They even do a few charity runs for those of us who are not real fans of the genre, just so we can get that weekly +10 chest. But even in a guild like mine, very few if any are interested in regular Mythic runs at this point in the expansion. There were quite a few running regulars back when, for example, Balance of Power was a new thing, but now that most people who want it have finished it, procrastinators like me are kind of out of luck.

The only other option for completing these quests is to pug them.

HAHAHAHAHA! Sometimes I really crack myself up.

No, pugging is so painful in the current game that it is almost not an option at all. First, of course, you have to find a group doing a specific regular Mythic instead of asking for keys or doing speed M+ runs. If you are lucky enough to find a regular group for the specific dungeon you need, you must then contend with asshat ilevel requirements or even — ludicrously — AotC (yup, have seen it more than once, though for the life of me I can’t imagine what it has to do with Mythic dungeons). I am at ilevel 904 or thereabouts, and I actually do have AotC, but I am hesitant to apply to such groups because there is a way better than even chance they will be filled with assholes. Still, I do apply to regular groups when I can. This past week, on one night alone, I was refused 11 times even though I met every requirement laid down each time. It was kind of demoralizing. I gave up.

There is also the DPS penalty — if you are DPS you have a much worse time of getting into any group than a healer or tank, and even if you do get in, it takes orders of magnitude longer to do so. This penalty also plays out if you decide to create your own group — it takes a very long time to attract a tank to a group, if you can get one at all that is. Somewhat less time to get a healer, but you still pay the time penalty one way or another if you are DPS. To a lesser extent, this is also the case even if you are trying to get up a guild group — you basically have to beg your guild healers or tanks to join, because most of them are in such demand that they long ago finished up any regular Mythic instance quests, so if they join your group they will be doing so out of charity. In my guild, we actually have several tanks and healers who will do this, but I really dislike asking them because I know it is imposing on their good nature.

If I have a hard time completing these Mythic instance quests — for the reasons I just laid out — how much harder must it be for someone in a small or not very active guild or no guild at all? Or for someone with relatively “low” (870-890) gear level? My bet is, it is an almost insurmountable obstacle.

If Blizz wanted to fix this problem — if indeed in their pristine dev environment they are even aware it is a problem — they easily could. All they would have to do is make the quest item lootable from the final boss in each instance, and then even in M+ runs a player with the quest would get the item when they looted the final chest. There is nothing served, in my opinion, by making players run around and look for a quest item inside an instance. I get it that Blizz loves to require us to play a certain way and run dungeons no matter how we may like to play, but really what difference should it make if we run it and get the item after finishing it, or if we take the extra minute or two to scurry about and find it somewhere inside? We are still running the instance. But by adopting my suggestion, Blizz could expand the options for players wishing to pursue these quest lines.

If they wished to help players even more,

HAHAHAHAHA! There I go again, I gotta stop this.

Still, in a science fiction world where Blizz actually wanted to lessen player frustration, another improvement they could make in the Legion Mythic mechanic would be to add regular Mythic dungeons to the automatic group finder. Let’s face it, inflation has set in, and Mythic dungeons are now the equivalent of heroics in previous expansions. Why not make it easier for players to find groups by adding this level to the auto-queue (and also transporting the group to the instance and back when you drop group)? M+ is really the new Mythic, and you could leave it as it is, an invite-only group that assembles at the instance. But regular Mythics — yeah, Blizz, recognize what they have become, and lump them in with the rest of the instance levels. Set an ilevel requirement, or an achievement requirement, or whatever, to be able to queue for them, but allow the queuing. (And while you are at it, allow players to chain-queue for instances like we can do with LFR — it would go a long way towards lessening the DPS penalty.)

It just seems to me that, in an expansion where Mythic dungeons are required for nearly every end game activity or goal, Blizz should make them more accessible to players. They do not need to make them easier, just easier to access.

My 2 cents.

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2 Responses to Mythic thoughts

  1. Marathal says:

    I was fortunate to group with two others needing court if stars and Arcway for legendary items. It is insanely fast for over geared people. And offers a decent amount of loot to DE. The first shoulders I made, I sold overnight for 175,000g. I bought the one item off the AH for15,000g rather than use the shards. I just need to do the two dungeons again to make another, but the prices have dropped to 125,000g. The big cost to me is the 65 bloods. This second pair may wipe out my stockpile.

  2. Cain says:

    Just wait until it’s the weekly and there are lots of people just trying to get four done as fast as possible.

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