Chromie? Really?

Am I the only one who does not get the whole Deaths of Chromie thing? Last night, as I was desperately trying to find something besides the new raid tier to get excited about in 7.2.5, I watched the MMO-C video on the Chromie scenario and read all of their detailed notes.

I still don’t get it. To me, it looks like a whole bunch of annoyance for a less-than-stellar cosmetic fluff reward, a title, and a mount. Maybe I am puzzled because I am not very big into transmogging or mounts, whereas players who really love these aspects of the game will be over the moon at the prospect of spending hours listening to Chromie’s headache-inducing squeak.

If I understand the scenario right, here are its “features”:

  • A series of five quests that bring you into the various sub-scenarios run out of Wyrmrest Temple. The last 2 quests seem to require a significant amount of dedicated play time in one chunk.
  • A garrison class hall set of class hall traits talents you “research” or something over time. (The visual representation of these is the same exact model of the class hall research traits.) Only when you accomplish all of these do you have a chance at completing the final part of the quest line/scenario. I think, by a quick calculation, that earning these talents takes a minimum of 10 days.
  • You must earn rep with Chromie. I am not clear on the reason for this, but it can apparently be done by moving through the various portals and killing mobs.
  • You are auto-bumped to level 112 with gear level 1000. (This should tell you something.)
  • You must clear each portal separately before you may move on to the final scenario. The first time you clear each, you must do a full clear of all trash plus boss(es). Subsequently, you may go directly to the boss in each.
  • The next-to-final quest puts you in a scenario where you must clear all portals in one go.
  • The final quest/scenario requires you to complete all portals in a total of 15 minutes. If not, presumably you must start over.

None of this sounds fun to me, nor do the rewards motivate me to suffer through it. I hate timed events anyway, they are too nerve-wracking for me to enjoy them, certainly I do not see them as part of what is supposed to be a leisure activity. Also, I absolutely do not see how this event relates in any way to the lore story of Legion.

The whole idea strikes me as one of those things an intern came up with and their supervisor said sure go ahead and develop it, just to give them something to do and stay out of everyone’s hair. Either that, or the dev team got marching orders to come up with something — anything — that would continue to boost Blizz’s Monthly Active User stats over the final days of the second quarter earnings period. Whatever, this Chromie thing strikes me as the WoD jukebox and Pepe events of Legion — a total time-filler, designed only to keep some number of players from becoming bored and disgruntled enough to stop playing until the next expansion.

Legion has reached the point where, other than raid tiers, there is little left to keep some players engaged. Hard core types and semi-casuals will do the raid tier, and along the way will do enough Mythic+ dungeons to slightly increase their chance to get the new legendaries. (However, even this activity is nerfed in 7.2.5, since there are no more multiple chests, so the payoff is significantly less in terms of legendary chances.) World Quest AP awards are largely insignificant and probably not worth the time once one has reached the billion+ AP requirement for a Concordance increase. Neither WQs, world bosses, nor BS dailies will give gear awards worth anything to anyone with even 875 or so ilevel. For these players, only the raid tier will yield the gear needed including t20. For non-raiders, Tomb of Sargeras will not be available in LFR until starting June 27, then will release new wings in 2-week intervals over the summer through August 8.

Add to this mixture the fact that it is summer when people typically stop playing computer games in favor of lots of outdoor activities, and I suppose if you are Blizz you are pretty desperate for anything to keep your second quarter metrics from falling off the chart. Clearly, adding in hours of quality time with Chromie indicates desperation.

Look, I know there are a lot of you who will love this little Chromie part of 7.2.5. More power to you, I hope you will have fun with it. But for me, if I ever do it, it will be in the waning days of Legion, when there is absolutely nothing else to occupy my time. Even then, I think farming mats would be more enjoyable for me.

Tomorrow is a 10-hour announced patch day to implement 7.2.5. That strikes me as a very long time. Let’s hope it is overkill on Blizz’s part, not that they are anticipating having a rough patch. See you on the other side.

7 thoughts on “Chromie? Really?

  1. Nope. For me the Gnome has to die. I’m totally against timed anything that encourages bad behavior and playing. I doubt I will give it more than one shot. Certainly not 10 days or more.

    If this is one aspect of testing research, solo scenarios for appearances, the dance studio in the AH, the Trial of Style. I hope there is not the interest they may think there is. Because it would just mean more down the road.

    1. Yes, they do seem to be going heavy into the fluff stuff. It is just not my thing — if that is what drew me to a computer game, I would be playing Second Life (if it still exists) not World of Warcraft. I do think they have decided there is not really enough “content” in the Legion story to allow them to fulfill their promise for the expansion. Thus, they are throwing everything they can at us in hopes that enough players will be thrilled with it to keep the Blizz numbers up — Chromie, dance studio, transmog events, stretching out everything to do with artifacts and class halls, dragging out the profession process, etc.

      They did the same thing on a small scale in WoD in the “jukebox” patch — lots of little cute things they hoped people would spend time on just for the heck of it. Shiny objects they hoped would provide distraction.

      1. Maybe they are tossing in every want and wish ever tossed at them to see what sticks. I think they have gone too long listening to exit surveys instead of just keeping to the core basics. Adding in tons of fluff only appeases so many. Eventually a point is reached where people cannot do everything, and then just walk away.

  2. God bless it’s finally a lull, even considering the new raid it is. Throughout the whole expansion it’s been a stretch, I’ve struggled to keep up with the content. I could finally have time to clear some loose ends, get achievements, do something except persistent and tense grind. I really want my WoW gameplay relaxed and casual now.

    All my toons (12 classes) ended the lore campaign and have their class mounts now, ready for the new LFR considering ilvl, almost maxed out every profession, have 39-40 research and closing in to Concordance. I really want a rest: an occasional mog run to LFR, exploring new specs, relaxed faction chests for mounts, and yes, occasionally doing stuff like Chromie and assaults for models. Because I feel like doing it, not because I’m afraid to stay behind and be buried under shovels of content coming out at that speed. It’s been tough.

  3. I don’t think Blizzard designed it so I could have a great summer but that is what will happen. A nice casual raid schedule and some time in my local park with a book; I like it!

  4. So looks like the Chromie scenario is all that is in the patch. Nothing here for me. Guess I’ll just grind my billions of AP.

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