An hour of nothingness and delusion

Today’s post is about all the juicy tidbits Ion Hazzikostas dropped for us in yesterday’s Q&A — some of them make me righteously indignant, I am excited about others, and still others have given us startling insight into not only 7.3 but also the direction the game is going for the next expansion.

HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. It was a real yawner, so much so it looked like even Josh Allen aka Lore got bored enough to semi-surreptitiously start checking out his phone texts about halfway through the session. A coincidence of irl scheduling allowed me to watch it live, and what a mistake that was — truly an hour of my life completely wasted. Unless you really have nothing else to do, do not waste your own time listening to it — if you are interested, read the MMO-C summary notes.

Nevertheless, herewith a couple of comments:

Who selects the “questions” for these things?

Okay, I get that not everyone has the same game interests I do, and that there will be subjects that cause me to roll my eyes but that are totally absorbing to someone else. Story lines would be an example — some people are real nerds (meant in the nicest possible way) about the game’s lore and can’t get enough of it, while I on the other hand…

Lore nerd: OMG!!! Did you hear that in the next expansion we might finally find out why G’Thun’De’Fxxxgrlk treacherously sold out the Squeakyoldfart Creators of Every Aspect of the Universe, causing the rise of the orcs and the demise of the Curlytoed Elves? And that he will finally be reunited with his centuries-long love Mp’K’Qrj’kunda? And that we will get to fight the Fel Caterpillar of Fuzzy Doom in the Temple of Gassygreenvapors? Sorry about the spoilers, but I’m so excited!!

Me: Zzzzzzz

But I digress. Luckily for me there were no story line comments yesterday (if there were, I blocked them out). There were, however, long minutes during which Hazzikostas droned on (and on and on and on) about a burning question of great interest to at least .001% of the player base — what is an acceptable amount of time for a world first guild to complete a new mythic raid tier?

Really? You have a total of one hour to address questions from actual players, about a ton of topics that truly impact their game experience, and this is what you choose to spend a huge chunk of time on? I really would like to know who chooses these “questions” and where they actually come from, because this sounded a lot like it might actually have been submitted by player “Rehctaw” in a special forum limited to  maybe the Game Director.

Patch 7.3 and artifacts, artifacts, artifacts

We learned it will take 3 weeks to unlock all parts of the patch, and that the whole point of unlocking it all is to be able to — hold onto your hats here — grind out more shit for your artifact weapon!

There were a lot — a lot — of questions related to artifact weapons, at least three asking about their appearance and transmog. (Again, what moron chooses these questions? I could see one question on this subject but three?) Of course, being a BM hunter, artifact appearances mean almost nothing , since Blizz has decided in their infinite wisdom that even though Hati is the main part of our artifact weapon, there will be no appearance changes. They gave us the Essence Swapper, we should just shut up and be grateful. This is in line with their refusal to allow hunters to use any cosmetic weapon enchants. It’s all, well, too hard, and what the hell it’s only hunters and why should we waste any dev resources on them? Not that I’m bitter or anything….

Sorry, I digress again.

I have said it before and I say it again: artifact weapons are the garrisons of Legion. They have shaped the expansion in a way that in my opinion completely distorts the entire game, and Blizz just keeps shoving them down our throats in new ways with every patch. The fact that something close to a third of the Q&A time was spent on discussing them demonstrates that in fact artifacts are Legion and Legion is artifacts, in the same way garrisons were WoD and WoD was garrisons.


One bit of bright news revealed about Patch 7.3 is that there will be some decent catch-up mechanisms for alts. I still think Legion is alt-hostile, but there will be at least a couple of concessions to help players. For example, the time necessary to grind out gear for your champions will be greatly reduced, quite a few of the Argus unlocks will be account wide, and there will be more shortcuts to milestones for your artifact weapon.


This was one of the weirdest excursions into the mind of Ion Hazzikostas I can remember. The question was basically, is there any chance we might see the return of reforging — possibly the best question in the whole Q&A, and it was also the most out-of touch answer I have ever heard from any Blizz dev. Here are the MMO-C notes  summarizing Ion’s response:

  • Reforging had lots of downsides, such as trying to perfectly get the hit or expertise cap and reforging all of your items every time you got a new item.
  • Every item that doesn’t have your best two stats you would reforge to have your best stat. This didn’t really make for interesting choices.
  • This also narrowed the distinction between items, making them feel more similar.
  • It also made it harder to evaluate upgrades, as you had to look at the item in its current state as well as how you could reforge it.
  • There were some good parts, such as giving players choices to make.

Not included in the summarized notes is this astonishing quote regarding the current state of gear in Legion without reforging:

“A new helm drops for you, just put it on.”

Yes, folks, he actually said that. Just like he actually said one of the evil things about reforging was that it “made it harder to evaluate upgrades.”

One wonders just exactly what game it is that Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas spends his time playing, because it most certainly is not World of Warcraft Legion. My mind is too boggled over this whole Twilight Zone answer to even rant about it, all I can do is shake my head in astonishment and disbelief.

And maybe drink a beer. It is, after all, the weekend. See you on the other side.

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I have a day job but escape by playing WoW. I love playing a hunter, and my Lake Wobegonian goal is to become "above average" at it.

7 Responses to An hour of nothingness and delusion

  1. Alunaria says:

    Gosh, I think a beer is in order! I am glad I did not watch it – I just read the summary on wowhead. I often find Hazzikostas to be very smug, but earlier on, I just thought it’s me. This Q&A seems arranged; the questions pre-picked, and nothing goes much in depth with anything. Im going back to not caring about Q&A me thinks 🙂

    Alt catch up mecanics must be nice though, I know lots of people who will sigh with relief on that one!

    We cannot get rid of our artifact swifly enough – however, what will be the next thing, Blizzard feels the need to implement, to keep the players who play 24/7 busy around the clock, dragging the rest of us down there with them?

    Will you give me some insight into your bitterness over BM Hunters and their “artifact appearance”? Im curious, and I don’t know much about it.

    “A new helm drops for you, just put it on.”? Seriously? /Checks the date. Does he play Vanilla? 😉

    Im sat here wondering, thinking back; What made, for example MoP better than WoD and Legion? Was it no artifact? Or the fact one could fly; making the entire new zones feel “easier to reach” and more integrated into it all? World Quests are basically just dailies, but I find a part of me really likes the dailies more, where it at least requires some sort of interaction with an NPC, instead of these WQs just popping up on my screen…

    Oh, well. Have a good weekend, and thank you for the recap 🙂

  2. Marathal says:

    I told myself I wouldn’t bother asking a question. But I posted 2. One asking when will the guild interface be updated, the other why some classes that cannot equip 2H weapons are being excluded from drops like the Guitar in Darkmoon fair. I did some advertising of the two questions and got them ranked #2 and #3 in the LegionQA hashtag. Right behind the one asking when Goblins and Worgen would see character updates.


    Never again.

    • Fiannor says:

      As I recall, he did answer the goblin and worgen one, briefly, with a kind of “VERY important to us, just not important enough to put any resources into it yet. But we are going to! Soon™! Honest!”

      But it certainly makes me wonder what the main sources of questions are for these events. The fact that the number 2 and 3 questions from one source were not addressed tells me that a) there are as many sources (apparently many of which are secret) as there were questions that made the cut, and only time to take the top one from each source (unlikely), or b) many of the questions are made up in order to push certain Blizz agendas. Or possibly c) there are special privileged sources allowed to push their very narrow interests in this public event.

      Whatever the reason, Blizz once again fails at communication. After years of half-hearted attempts, it is just something they seem incapable of getting even close to right.

      • Marathal says:

        The problem arises when people like us try to ask questions that have meaning, at least to us and maybe people we know, mine were viewed over 300 times, that we just say forget it. You’re not listening so why should I bother. All that QA said to me is there is nothing for me in the next patch worth doing. And going forward I am paying. Wet close attention to what is offered for the next expansion. $15 a month is not a great deal of money. But that’s 36 or more movie rentals I could do in a year from On Demand. I am at about 20% of current content I work on. About the same for old stuff. But it’s getting to where not only don’t I care about keeping up, that I feel they really don’t care if I stay or go.

      • Marathal says:

        I just rechecked. 621 impressions on Twitter for the question I asked

  3. I think the catch-up for gearing followers will be to 900, we’ll still have to grind up to the new max level (I think it’s 950) by chaining missions with not much thought to the reward.
    I never flip off my computer screen but I did several times to Mr. Ion. That miserable man can make me angry. I totally agree with you on it all; AP, Hunter weapon enchants (none!), and more.
    I do see the Alt catch-up mechanics, like the instant three relic slots, but every Alt will have to open up the new world quests and stuff like that to “get going” in 7.3, truly repetitive stuff.
    One hour of video for ten seconds of information and no patch drop date! I could see the “one last question” antics, thinking it was a teaser … the quick eye glances … we know from past experience that this is when it happens … and … nothing.

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