Trinkets and space

Last night, in what has become my virtual version of buying lottery tickets, I used my accumulated veiled argunite to purchase another trinket from the vendor on the Vindicaar. Trinkets are all I ever buy from him, since there is almost zero chance any of the other gear will turn out to be anything but vendor trash for me. Even my relics — while not the “perfect” trait enhancers sought by BM hunters — are pretty high level and honestly 7.3 has made me hate them for the twisted new level of RNG Blizz added because of addiction to high MAU metrics. I refuse to chase relics.

So I buy trinkets, mainly for the chance to get a level upgrade to one of the “good ones” from earlier in the expansion. Last night I won something like the consolation prize lottery by getting a 915 Unstable Arcanocrystal with a gem slot. I say “consolation” because it was only minimally titanforged (+5) and so is already kind of an ilevel drag on my gear, though not quite so much of a drag as the 860 one I only gave up about a month ago. Still, I was pretty happy to get it.

But even having gotten it, I am not going to stop my gambling habit on trinkets. I would love to get the BM hunter holy grail of trinkets, the Convergence of Fates. This was originally dropped by Elisande in Nighthold, but I have never gotten it, so I am only going on faith that it even exists. I will keep plunking down my currency for a chance on it, though.

I am not sure when it happened, but somewhere during WoD, I think, Blizz began to really explore the idea of special-purpose gear. That is, they thought it would be nifty if the gear for certain slots varied wildly in their effects, even though the items might be the same ilevel. It started with trinkets and has since spread to necks — although necks can be further tailored with enchants. I think the original idea was kind of creative, but of course in typical Blizz fashion, they have gone far past the bounds of good sense with it in Legion, to the point of ridiculousness.

Trinkets have become almost a per-fight specialty, and on top of that the utility of any one trinket depends heavily on one’s talent selections as well as on equipped legendaries and tier sets. What your “best” trinkets are will likely change if you swap out a legendary. In the same vein, getting a “great” trinket may well dictate what talent build and legendaries you need to select.

Trinket selection has become so difficult that even the supercomputer sims disagree on what is best for a given player. Without swapping talents or any other gear, for example, I get 3 completely different trinket combination recommendations from Beotorch, Raidbots, and AskMrRobot sim sites. For the same standard Patchwerk type fight. Blizz has apparently reached new heights of RNG-ness: Not only is it a crap shoot for getting gear and for that gear to have decent stats, but it is now also a crap shoot as to which gear you should equip. The mind boggles.

What this all means for the poor player — especially for the raiding player — is that we have to lug around most of our trinkets in our bags, lest we be caught short in a certain fight knowing we have just the right trinket for it but it is languishing in the bank. Even worse, the same logic pertains to legendaries and to some extent tier gear (several classes/specs still use 890-ish tier 19 gear because Blizz made it so much more powerful than the tier 20 stuff).

I am someone who likes open space, for interior decorating as well as for geography. To me, things look tidy when they are neatly placed with a lot of clear spaces around them. Clutter makes me feel powerless and overwhelmed. In WoW, I like neatly arranged bag space and bank slots. I use the addon ArkInventory because it lets me turn my bag and bank into well-organized closets. But even that does not help my state of mind if my storage space is crammed full. And Blizz has been steadily increasing the number of things we “have to” either carry around with us or keep available in the bank.

I have 136 slots in my bags (4 30-slot bags plus the stupidly archaic original 16-slot bag). Of those, 86 slots are perpetually filled with things I feel compelled to carry around:

  • 11 trinkets and 10 legendaries I might have to swap out in any given instance
  • 15 pieces of unequipped gear that might have to be swapped out to compensate for a different legendary or tier change or talent swap or — heaven forbid — spec swap
  • 4 hearthstone type items (Dal hearth, actual hearth, garrison hearth in case I get stuck, and whistle)
  • Miscellaneous specialized gear such as the Essence Swapper, Grapple Launcher, Skinning Knife, and Mother’s Skinning Knife (since this is actually a toy I might be able to drop it from my bag and just use the toy’s spell but I have not tried).
  • 6 types of food depending on the stat and/or health restoration rate I will need, plus feasts for raids. 21 different potions, flasks, and bandages as well as other enhancers like Stonehide Leather Barding, Leystone Hoofplates, drums, Tomes of the Tranquil Mind, Fel Focuser, and various runes.
  • Miscellaneous gear for champions, since you can only swap champion gear if you actually have it in your bag — if it is in the bank you have to go back and get it, then go back to your class hall and swap it out. And with 7.3, I frequently also have a slot occupied by those new follower types you get from the guy in Krokuun.

In all, of the 136 slots in my bags, only 50 — far fewer than half — are actually available for newly-acquired loot, or inevitable gray items from quests and killing, or gathered items, or maybe an extra gem or enchant. Do I actually need 50 or more slots for that stuff? No — especially since I can vendor it in the field using a mount — but it’s the idea that Blizz is requiring untidy clutter that annoys me, plus the fact that they keep piling it on. I feel like they keep adding “must-carry” items to the game because they know we all have very large storage space now so why not fill it up? (This, btw, is my spousal unit’s approach to things — he would cover every square inch of surface space in our house given a chance. Another example of opposites marrying each other …)

With that, I think I will start relaxing for the weekend by tidying up my sock drawer. Enjoy yours (weekend, not sock drawer).

7 thoughts on “Trinkets and space

  1. I can add to your hearth list. I also carry Kirin Tor Old Dalaran ring, Garrison Compass, and Told Barad Tabbard.

    1. I have those items, too, but a couple of months ago elected to have them clutter up my bank rather than my bags. Removing them from immediate availability was a tough decision, though.

      1. I’ve made a science of getting around using Shrine portals, old and new Dalaran, the Cata portals, etc. I have made it across the entire map in minutes. Lol

  2. For a minute, I thought you were going to go into detail on the new raid trinkets and the uber-buff that requires each of the 6 separate trinkets active to proc.

    Grats on the Arcanocrystal! I’ve managed to get one as well. Just a 910 with no bonus stats. I prefer stat sticks at this point. I did get a 925 Engine of Eradication the other day but I really loathe that trinket. I’ve had numerous fights where it doesn’t proc/procs at very awkward times (right during crashing waves in Mistress Sassz’ine).

    I use Raidbots almost exclusively for simming my hunter. Ask Mr Robot has some weird issues. Don’t think it’s simming the stomp build accurately. Plus it’s got a fetish where the Convergence of Fates trinket. It sims higher there for me then on other sim platforms. I’m still using a couple of 895 tier pieces from Nighthold. Every time I try to replace them with with higher ilevel non-tier it’s a significant decrease.

    If you’ve got the archaeology hearthstone, you don’t need to keep a physical copy of one in your bags.

    1. Actually, I decided to leave the Antorus trinket nightmare for a later post, mainly because my head hurt when I first read about it. It strikes me as Blizz once again going way crazy on a concept that tons of players hated — in this case the raid-beneficial ring procs from WoD. At least with the ring, the individual player could get some solo benefit from it if they wanted to, but what I know of the Antorus trinkets, other than their stats, there will be zero benefit to an individual player.

      I am with you on the Engine of Eradication. I initially thought it was kind of fun, but the proc bad timing problem turned out to be too frustrating for me, too. This is one trinket that I would not have minded being “on use” instead of random. I am also not a real fan of Cradle of Anguish — I have a nice 910 version, and it always sims extremely high for me, but I find I really have to evaluate the nature of each fight before I use it, along with the composition of our raid for the night, since it is so heals-dependent.

      I do find that I kind of like on-use trinkets in this expansion, which is not my usual opinion. I think they give me the illusion of control, make me feel a little less like a robotic button-pusher for BM. We have so little surge ability that saving a trinket cooldown for a heavy damage phase makes me feel like I am contributing more to the effort.

      Sorry that your comment got held up for publication — I have a filter that sends anything with a web link in it to a bin for manual approval, so that I can apply a small degree of safety and check out the link before readers see it, just in case it is overtly malicious or spammy.

      1. No worries about the delay, I usually leave comments with links about one weird trick to increase your dps that raid leaders will hate you for. 🙂

        I have a sneaking suspicion the Antorus trinket uber-buff will be a mythic only requirement and a just a bonus for those playing outside that level who have large enough raid groups. From my understanding of them, players do get a buff from them individually. But to get the bigger buff, you need to be in a group and have all the trinkets proc at the same time. I’m sure the normal proc will be good enough that players will want to use them. If not, they’ll get buffed.

        My main trinkets now (outside of the Arcanocrystal) have been 910-915 stat sticks. I rotate between crit/mastery/haste depending on which on sims the highest. I prefer the steady dps but did enjoy the on use Owl trinket until the stat sticks outperformed it.

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