I am not a let’s-join-an-illegal-vanilla-WoW-server kind of person. I think the game is what it currently is, and if I really dislike it I am at liberty to not play it. It would never occur to me to try and find a retro version of it, partly because I tend to look forward not back, but also because everything — the game, me, the tech world — has gone beyond those early days. Whatever great times I remember about my first months in the game cannot be fully recaptured because those times were a result of a whole array of circumstances. Going back to a vanilla — or even Wrath era — game in and of itself cannot replicate my level of knowledge or game proficiency then, nor can it make me unlearn my current expectations of graphics, server reliability, and other technical advancements.

Part of the reason misty memories are so alluring is because they are just that: misty.  If we really remembered everything about the times we yearn for, we probably would not hold them in such high regard.

Nevertheless, I do fall prey to nostalgia in the game from time to time. One such time happened yesterday as I was leveling my baby priest through Northern Stranglethorn. I was doing some power leveling and thus was pretty focused on the immediate quests at hand, but at one point for some reason I stopped and took in the scenery. And there above me, taking up most of the sky, was the ugly scar of Argus. It completely destroyed the moment for me.

I have been using my priest as a stress relief valve, a way to forget about Blizz’s insults to hunters and the grind the game has become — basically as a cheap way to recapture as much of the game’s simplicity as I can without going completely retro. And I have been successful at it until I looked up and was reminded of all the things awaiting my baby priest if I should actually get so far as leveling her up. Not to get too dramatic about it, but it was kind of soul-crushing.

This same burdensome feeling happened to me as I considered getting a couple more of my leveled alts able to do the Argus world quests. The whole series of quests necessary to do that just seemed not worth the effort. I read where Blizz is considering making this process easier for alts, but honestly I am not holding my breath over it. It would, after all, cut into their MAU stats.

Except maybe it would increase them. In my case, for example, if my alts were able to do Argus world quests without the heavy overhead necessary to unlock them, I would be far more likely to crank out some extra time every week doing a few more WQs on alts.

Short post today — lots going on in real life, both personally and nationally. In all areas I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the present and nostalgic for the past, but almost certainly I remember that past very imperfectly. We have the game that we have, and the ugly scar of Argus is now part of it.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. I’ve often wondered with all of the tech they have developed if it wouldn’t be possible to have the zones the way they were for which expansion you are currently at level wise. Perhaps even something as simple as they had in blasted lands where you clicked on a guy to have the zone the way it was prior to Draenor. It would prevent max level people from questing with you, but isn’t that the point?

  2. I can relate very much to this post.

    We can never go back, and that is ok, but once we decide to try, just for a little while, to get some serenity if you can call it that, it sure would be nice not having to stare at Argus in the sky.

    Do you think that planet will always be there?

    And it would be nice to be able to visit the places we quested in a decade ago, before they got wrecked by Deathwing.

    Maybe your alt does not have to make it all the way to Argus though? Maybe it will choose a different path in the game, one that takes it elsewhere? One could try and imagine 🙂

    I would feel a little overwhelmed too, if I would think of Argus as the destination for a newly made alt, I think

    I agree with Marathal, I would love to see that function.

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