Petty but constant annoyances

This is another post you can easily skip and miss nothing!

There are incredibly minor aspects of this game that — not to put too fine a point on it — just bug the sh*t out of me. They mean less than zero when viewed in the context of the enormity and complexity of the game, but they are like little gnats continually buzzing in my face. It being the end of the week, and there being little else that occurs to me to write about, here are some examples:

  • Quests being forced upon you.
    • A couple of years ago, Blizz instituted a terrific feature that allowed you to ignore a quest you did not wish to do and also did not wish to have staring you in the face every time you logged on or looked at a map. For some reason, they took away that very nice quality of life feature. Why? Well, it turns out that Nanny Blizz was saving us from ourselves again. This is the closest I could find for a semi-official reason, a green post in a forum from earlier this year:

      I can only suspect it’s because of the amount of players who have used it on important quest lines like artifact quests not realizing it hides it, and they open tickets. There have been so many forum posts on the support forum where players have done it.

      Honestly I didnt even realize it was gone, but I avoid using it so I can do it later without having to remember which quest I ignored.

      Yeah, that’s right — apparently some of us were too stupid to know how to use the feature, and our tickets about it were annoying poor overworked Blizz GMs, so in a pique of spite they just removed it.

    • Even more annoying to me lately are the Broken Shores invasion scenarios. Not only can you not ignore them and not be bothered by them, but you cannot even decline the quest (the one that says “Do 4 of these invasion world quests”). If you even fly through the zone, you must accept the quest, or it will hang forever (well, until the invasion is over) in your quest tracker. Why is that? Why can we not say, “No” to these invasions?
  • Nomi. Yeah, OK, there is almost nothing not annoying about this NPC, but specifically:
    • You have to close and reopen the chat window with him every time you change the mats you give him. The window does not permit, say, checking off 2 work orders with Mossgill Perch, 3 with Fatty Bearsteaks, and the rest with all those damn eggs you seem to collect. Oh no, you must close the window and start over again for every mat you want to use.
    • Those stupid cooking pages (forget what they are called now) that you collect 10 of in order to upgrade a recipe. It turns out that once you have upgraded all your recipes, you still collect them. But you can’t turn them in anywhere (if you attempt to “use” 10, you get a notice that says you have nothing to upgrade), you can’t vendor them or send them to an alt, and you can’t collect more than 10. Which means you cannot even clear your Nomi table if there is one of the pages sitting there. You can only throw them away.
  • Kirin Tor rep awards are still soulbound. ???? Why, when nearly every other special rep token is BoA? Makes zero sense.
  • Spawn rates. Specifically, they are often either way too slow or way too fast. For the most part, I will admit, Blizz has gotten better at adjusting the rates, but there are still areas where they are maddening.
    • There are still a ton of places on Argus where large numbers of mobs spawn faster than you can even pick up your loot, where they spawn so fast you do not have a chance to mount up even after you have killed dozens of them in the same area. Few things are more annoying to me than completing a quest and then not being able to leave an area until I kill vast numbers more of the same mobs I had to kill vast numbers of just to get into the place or do the quest.
    • And in a somewhat related vein, why is that my entire hunter posse — bodyguard, main pet, Hati, and leftover dire beasts, all seem to congregate exactly on top of corpses to be looted, causing me to do a little positioning dance every time I want to target something for looting (whether by me or using the Fetch mechanic)? Often I have to actually time my mouse selection to fit between dire beast wingbeats. This, of course, slows even more my ability to loot stuff and get out of the area before millions of trash respawn.
    • On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are still quests where objects are not tag-shared, and those objects are so scarce there are 5-10 players all vying for the same one. Also, not for nothin’, but this is the kind of scenario that does not exactly encourage anyone to behave politely — we all become greedy me-first types. I really don’t understand why Blizz continues to use these kinds of single-tag objects in the game. They clearly have the technology to make them shared, at last by 4-5 non-grouped players, so why do they not always use that mechanic?
    • And in a related gripe, why is there still the artificial Alliance-Horde tagging restriction in shared areas? It does not apply to world bosses or even to world quest elites, so why is it still a thing for gathered mats and trash mobs?
  • Tome of the Tranquil Mind. Worst mechanic ever.
    • It is nothing more than an annoyance, and a major one at that. It does not make major money for inscriptionists, and it really discriminates against certain specs that Blizz has designed to almost have to switch talents depending on the fight.
    • In raids, unless you holler out to everyone to STOP so you can switch talents, there is an excellent chance your tome will be wasted, since almost certainly the raid will be in combat before you get a chance to switch. By the time they are out of combat, the tome will have expired.
    • People who do not carry tomes have to stop the entire raid so they can go back to Dal or someplace to switch, then make their way back to the raid or get summoned if the raid has a warlock.
    • There is almost never a situation where more than one player needs to switch talents at the same time, thus the raid-wide version of the tome is even more useless.
    • This really does seem to be designed merely to annoy players — I have never heard any kind of satisfactory explanation for its existence, other than the “poor scribes need to make some coppers” one.
    • Recall, actually, that it was — in theory — implemented as a “compromise” back in the Legion Beta phase. There was a huge flap over the Beta mechanic that charged ever-increasing amounts of gold every time a player changed specs. In short order (a little too short, in my opinion, as if possibly the entire flap had been a diversion from the original plan), Blizz offered a “compromise” in which changing specs would be free but you would have to use the tome to change talents in a non-rest area.
      • This seriously made zero sense, since it did not even address the same purported issue.
      • Blizz rapidly switched explanations from “compromise” to “scribes gotta make gold, too”.

OK, that is it for petty annoyances. I am sure if I really thought about it, I could come up with more, but it is Friday and the weekend is upon us. I am starting mine, and I hope you get to start yours soon, too.

5 thoughts on “Petty but constant annoyances

  1. I hear you loud and clear on those small annoyances! In particular those popping WQs which we cannot ignore at all whatsoever.

    I run with the AddOn called “Silent World Quest” I think is the name – which prevents the dialogue box at least, but they still appear in quest log, so does any quest items needed (Suramar quests)

    Its “fun” to see my amount of abandoned quests before Legion was like 10 under statistics. Now its way over 500. That sure says something.

    Nomi’s interface really feels out of sync with WoW; its rare that other way of interacting with NPCs are this way, always requiring an extra click etc. to “research”.

    Every single rep token I get on my alt from doing missions are soulbound and not BoA. Am I missing something?

    1. Rep tokens become BoA once the character that earns them hits Exalted with that faction. Until then they’re BoP.

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