Friday scattered thoughts

It’s Friday, it’s been an especially long week, and my brain does not seem particularly focused, so today’s post is just some scattered thoughts on this and that.

Antorus the Burning Throne. Last night our raid team finished up the Normal raid. We had done 7 bosses on Tuesday, and the last 4 we downed certainly did not disappoint, in my opinion. I found the last 2 (Aggramar and of course Argus) to be great fun, they just seemed to be well designed and had some interesting mechanics. And the artwork, especially for Argus, is simply spectacular. Whatever other shortcomings we may eventually complain about for this raid, the visual design will remain, in my opinion, one of the best Blizz has ever done. Do yourselves a huge favor when you first get into the Argus area, and look behind you up into the skybox. It is not only beautiful, but it gives you a sense of the entire story of Legion — even me, who generally has no interest in lore.

And, without revealing any spoilers, the cinematic after you kill Argus is excellent. It rivals, in my opinion, the Battle for Azeroth cinematic we saw at Blizzcon.

We had enough trouble (something like 4-5 wipes) with both Aggramar and Argus that I think they will be quite tough for us on Heroic. As with many of the fights in the raid, there is a definite team learning curve

Overall, from a very limited point of view, it seems to me that very few of this raid’s bosses are even close to friendly to BM hunters. They seem either to involve single-target pew-pewing or a lot of very scattered adds. Several of the fights involve phases with high-priority adds placed all around a room or platform, and I really noticed a drop in my DPS just due to my melee-bound pets taking their time getting to the next target. Even switching to Blink Strikes as a talent did not seem to help much, partly due to the cooldown on that ability, and also to the ambling nature of Hati. Classes with robust DoT abilities and wide cleaves will shine in many fights in this raid.

As to the vaunted Argus trinkets from the final boss, our raid of 20 got 4 drops (not me, I got the useless quest legendary ring along with gold and AP), and none were Aman’Thul’s Vision (The One Trinket That Binds Them All).

Patch 7.3.5. This is up on the PTR for anyone that wants to try it out. I am somewhat disappointed that — at least as far as we know so far — it will not involve any significant class balance fixes, in spite of Blizz’s pronouncement early in Legion that the “dot five” patches would be mainly targeted at class balance changes. Some of the recently-announced changes include:

Patch/Expansion confusion. Honestly, I am kind of losing the bubble on what is happening in Patch 7.3.5 and what is just development for the next expansion. Blizz could probably be a little bit clearer on this. So the following comments may apply to changes coming in the next xpac, or to changes coming in the next patch. Who knows?

Changes to the early leveling experience. Zone scaling is implemented in Azeroth leveling zones, and XP to level is being increased for levels 10-59. I know this is a popular change, but I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I like the idea of being able to keep questing in a zone I enjoy, and still continue to advance. On the other hand, I find I generally like pretty much roflstomping through a zone at low levels. I have done these quests so often that they no longer hold much interest for me, and the only really fun is becoming familiar with my alt’s abilities. (And remember, Blizz has taken away a great many class abilities at lower levels, so that many specs go through a lot of levels with only 2-3 major abilities.) I don’t know that having every mob fight take longer is really an improvement.

I also get a kick out of leveling quickly, and I am not sure why Blizz thinks stretching that process out is desirable.

It almost seems like Blizz is enforcing a small part of the “Classic” experience on all of us now.

More backpack space. Okay, this is minor, but remember when Ion Hazzikostas promised us we would be seeing more space in our grubby old original backpacks? Yeah. Turns out, it appears, that the extra space will be tied to having an authentication attached to your account. In principle, I think this is a pretty good idea. Blizz wants to do as much as they can to stop account theft, which in turn makes life harder for illegal botters, gold sellers, and the like. So it’s not a bad idea to offer a little perk to people willing to add this bit of security to their account. (I have had the phone authenticator for years, and it in no way hinders my access to the game or my enjoyment of it. It is not an absolute guarantee that my account cannot be hijacked, but it greatly complicates the process for any hackers. Which means, I think, they would be more likely to go after someone who does not have an authenticator. So please, if you think an authenticator is a bad idea, for my sake continue to have an unprotected account …)

The quibble I have with this is that Blizz is really chintzing out on the offer. Their miserly “gift” is a whopping — get ready for this — FOUR extra bag spaces!


Upgrading 970 legendaries. This is nothing more than a big Blizz gotcha joke, in my opinion. In the few comments Blizz has made about this annoying and tedious process (it will take many people literally months to upgrade all theirs, even assuming they max out Wakening Essences every day), they have rather smarmily intimated that maybe we should just pick a few legendaries to upgrade and forget about the rest.


After you handed them out like candy, after you refused to back off the RNG aspect of which ones we could get, after you nerfed the “good” ones so that they are all more or less equal in certain circumstances? After all you have done to encourage us to use all of them depending on the fight and our individual gearing and talents, NOW you say we should just pick a couple and stick with them?

If Blizz is going to stick with the system they have on this, the least they could do is make the Wakening Essences more plentiful. They could ensure we get at least 10 in the emissary chests. They could award them for every world quest we do instead of just emissary ones, or alternately they could award several as the actual WQ reward, like they do with gold or Blood of Sargeras or class hall resources. They could give us a shoulder enchant that awards a few bonus ones periodically as loot.

Even better, Blizz, quit nickel and diming us on this stuff and do like you did in other expansions — when the new numbers hit, auto-upgrade the ones we have. What the hell would it hurt to do that? If you really do want us to switch out these items as situations dictate, then you should upgrade them all so we will actually do that, not encourage us to just stick to the two or three we have managed to grind out upgrades for. Put your money where your mealy mouth is.

And on that note of cranky annoyance, I am off to start my weekend. Enjoy yours.

6 thoughts on “Friday scattered thoughts

  1. I have 2 legendary’s equipped. The boots that allow me to cast on the move, and a Ring I think. Both from looking up I believe are BiS. Well at least they were when I looked. To upgrade them, I will do 10 sets of Emissary quests for each. I doubt I will run heroic dungeons, or even bother with Mythic, Mythic+ dungeons. Its just stuff to disenchant for me. I do not know how many of the things we need will drop from LFR, but my thinking is to run all wings 1 time then walk away.

    For me the class redesign has left me feeling like a worthless player not worth bringing to the raid except as a carry. And I would rather sit them out than be carried through. THe guild ran me through Normal ToS, and it was not a fun experience for me.

    Is it time for B4A yet?

    1. Aha, ok, I was actually wondering that; so 10 sets of Emmisary pr Legendary to upgrade give or take?

  2. What a refreshing post; and one of very few that are not filled with a ton of spoilers. Thank you for that. It is not easy to stay spoiler free today.

    I look forward to the art work in the new raid, I have heard so much about it.

    Serioysly, 4 slots extra? Hah, is it April 1. already?

    Those legendary upgrades…I have kept up until now. But this patch, I dont know, maybe its my limited time, but I guess I am just fed up with upgrading it through the means that it involve. I guess its because I hardly have time to do what it takes, but still. This is one of those rare situations, where I am glad I only have a few legendaries!

  3. Got to 11/11N last night (we over-ran by an hour to do it) and the bosses definitely improve as you go on. The only boss that I was expecting to be really hard but was actually very simple was “Johnny Mathis” aka Varimathras. Aside from switching between two points that was as close to a Patchwerk fight as I’ve ever seen. Hopefully Heroic will make it more challenging.

    Reading up on the fight and even watching the video for Argus it actually sounded a bit silly, but as you say it’s great fun to play. Nicely chaotic at the end. Currently Aggramar is my favourite fight, and I think that’s going to be a good challenge with the extra Heroic add abilities.

    I share your frustration at mechanics that force targets to be tanked too far apart to cleave with Ignite, but at least there are a few occasions where it’s worth casting Living Bomb. More than in ToS anyway.

    I’m looking forward to levelling up some more characters using the new system in 7.3.5 once we’ve cleared Tony. With heirlooms I doubt targets will take much more effort to down than they do now, and it’ll be nice to vary which zones to level through and play further into them each time. And of course skip the areas I really don’t like completely.

    I’m extremely lucky that I only urgently need two legendary items upgrading to 1000, but once again this xpac penalises those maintaining dual specs, or where legendary items are situational. The weekly Mythic chest should contain one ready-to-use upgrade token, and the drop rate for the currency should be boosted across the board.

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