110 character boost stinks

This will be a short post today, due to “surprise” in-law visit. 😡

When Blizz announced a 110 character boost as part of the pre-purchase of Battle for Azeroth, I was pleased. I have made use of boosts for several characters, have even separately purchased at least one. I always thought the benefits of the boost were worth the money, particularly since I usually got my characters to level 60 first so that I would also get the profession max perk.

But Blizz seems to have pushed the 110 boost out the door with the absolute minimum work they could possibly do and still rake in the $$. There is no longer any profession perk. That is, even if you boost after level 60, you get your professions to 700 but still have to go through the maddening series of Legion professions hoops to get your recipes and to get to level 800. When people discovered this, they rightly assumed it was just a bug and reported it as such. No, came the response, it is “working as intended”.

Another thing that is “working as intended” is that boosted characters no longer get the Level 3 garrison from WoD. I do not know if this means there is no access to Tanaan, as I have not used my 110 boost yet, but I would not be surprised.

The auto level 3 garrison with the level 100 boost was, I thought, reasonable. Basically, Blizz was giving us full access to WoD content by doing that. But now, if you want full WoD access, you need to get out there and grind your little butt off.

Basic access to expansion end-game content was, I always thought, the purpose of marketing the character boosts in the first place. But this bare bones 110 boost seems pretty cheesy. I say that because in the past a full-level boost actually gave you some ability to participate in end game activities at a reasonable — not OP, but reasonable — level. One would naturally assume that the Legion boost would give the boosted character some progress on the long drawn-out class hall quests, champion quests, AP chase, zone unlocks, and profession lines. One would be wrong. The 110 boost does not give anything close to the ability to engage in end game activities — you are stuck with playing Legion catch-up to be able to get to that point.

Blizz apparently cannot step away from their all-powerful MAU master, even when players pay hard cash for what used to be decent perks. The new character boost is nowhere close to the decent shortcut it used to be, it is a scam no longer worth the money Blizz continues to charge for it.

I want the company to make money, I am glad that they do. But it seems to me that with Legion they have crossed a line from making profits to maliciously squeezing every dime they can out of players, frequently stooping to deliberately misleading them in the process. The 110 boost is far less value than previous boosts for the same money.

Enjoy your weekend. Mine unfortunately will be spent catering to in-laws.

4 thoughts on “110 character boost stinks

  1. Hmm, I wonder – the only reason I have Legion is because my daughter wanted it really bad. She played it a bit, but never really got into it. So we still have the level 100 boost on the account. I wonder if that will still give the WoD Garrison boost? Or will it just now be a ‘weaker’ version of the 100 boost?

  2. Damn. I didn’t know it was such a lesser version of the earlier boost.

    Hm, I wonder though, I would guess, that this kind of boost will be changed once BfA gets released – so those that return in a year, as example, gets thrown a little further ahead and ready.

    Right now, the entire “prepurchase” deal, seems made to attract players to come back right now, and keep them busy until BfA comes out.

    They say, that Allied Races is part of BfA; but to me, they are part of Legion.

    I seem to have read something about going about the garrison thing, but I cannot recall where or what. And I stay away from all forums etc. atm, to stay lore-story-spoiler free!

    But i was something about getting the garrison, as long as the character was a certain level already. But that kinda steps on the whole concept of a boost, hah.

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