Some last-minute comments

I know I said in my last post that I probably would not be posting anything this week, and that is mostly true, but I need to expend a bit of nervous energy now that we are really only a few short hours from Battle for Azeroth launch. I did not think I would be too excited about it, but as the time draws closer, I find I am experiencing some of that old familiar anticipation. Even though I know anticipation is often much better than realization, still it’s a fun way to indulge my inner child-on-Christmas-morning self.

Last night we did our traditional night-before-launch guild screenshot, with everybody arranged more or less artfully on a rather precarious pinnacle in the Broken Shore. Only one person fell off. There was the usual complaining about hunter pets in the way — “Hey, get your bear’s butt out of my face!” As usual, it took 20 minutes or so to arrange the shot, and just as our photographer thought everyone was ready, there would be someone new logging in and asking to be included, or someone would decide to apply a ginormous potion to themselves and throw everything all out of proportion, or someone would suddenly remember they were in the wrong transmog and insist on changing before the photo, and so forth. Worse than herding cats. Nevertheless, we got it done.

I spent the remainder of the night just tidying up banks and bags for all my alts, making sure they all had their hearth stones set to Stormwind and that each had one of those Stormwind cloaks from the guild vendor. I vendored a ton of gear and what I assume will very shortly be useless food, had my alchemist make everyone enough Legion health  pots and flasks to get them through the first couple of levels, put a lot of stuff in void storage. I also supplied them all with a few stacks of Goblin Gliders, as I think those will be quite useful for leveling. I was able to get all my alts over 100 bag spaces each, which should be overkill for initial leveling. The last couple of weeks, thanks to the Darkshore dailies, I have gotten everyone to over 200 ilevel, and they each have a couple of temporarily-useful legendaries. My last act for each was to put them in Stormwind Dwarven District, sitting on a stone wall in front of the inn. There they will stay until each starts its BFA journey.

As luck would have it, even though I work from home these days and do not have to ask for vacation time, I ended up with a really busy week in front of me. Lots of contractors for the pottery shed will be doing their thing, along with some big events for some civic groups I belong to. I will likely play through the night tonight (assuming no server or other technical disasters), grab a couple hours sleep tomorrow morning, then deal with stuff as it happens, spending what time I can spare on leveling my main.

I am not really a power leveler anyway, so almost certainly I will be a tad behind many of my guildies. Honestly, one of the things I dread most about a new expansion is our guild humble-bragger — who is uncannily lucky — constantly linking the high end pieces of gear he picks up and complaining that oh darn the rare mat he sold only got like 800k gold and he was expecting 1.1m, and gosh his gear level is only (insert some ridiculously high level here), and he must be slipping because he is only getting damage numbers in the range of (insert stupid high number here). I should not let it annoy me, but it does. He mainly does this at the beginning of an expansion — and of course constantly during raid season — but disappears from the game towards the end of an expansion.

(Once in Legion, I happened to get a piece of loot he coveted, and he pestered me and pestered me to give it to him, even offering to buy it for a huge amount of gold. I did not need the gold, but said I would give it to him under condition that he not brag about anything for one month, and if he did I would have the right to call him out about it in front of everyone. He agreed, and it was the best deal I ever made! He slipped once, and I called him out for not keeping his word, but that was it for a solid month.)

I think I have pretty well determined that it will not be worth it to me to try for the extra XP by entering War Mode. I know some people think it will be the way to go at least initially, planning on there being almost no gankers to deal with since Alliance and Horde have different starting areas and it is a level or two until they appear in each other’s space. I’m still not interested — pretty sure there are enough bullies playing this game that their whole purpose in life will be to get to a productive gank area as fast as possible and make life miserable for those who opt to try War Mode but are not really PvP-ers as a rule.

I’ll try to log on a couple of hours before launch, just to beat the inevitable server crush. I’ll kill the waiting time by looking at maps and trying to decide my leveling zone order, and thinking about which alts should eventually be leveled in which order — a decision likely dependent upon which professions look like they will be the lottery winners this expansion. Sadly, my main is a LW/Skinner, a profession combo that has been pretty much useless for a couple of expansions now and it looks like that streak will continue in BFA. *sigh*

It should be academically interesting to see how the last couple of years’ gold inflation will play out early in the auction house in BFA. I am fully expecting certain flasks and mats and even crafted gear to be priced in the hundreds of thousands of gold — maybe even approaching or reaching a million — which would be pretty insane. And as soon as people start collecting BoE gear from dungeons and such, those items, too, will likely be really astronomical. I usually break down and buy a couple of high-end flasks for my main as soon as raiding starts, but other than that I just make do with my own stuff and push to get to where I am self-sufficient with my alts for consumables.

Anyway, this almost certainly will be my last post this week. I hope we have a problem-free launch. Woohoo! Let the fun begin!

4 thoughts on “Some last-minute comments

  1. What a great idea for a guild photo. I may start that up for us too. Although I may go for a reverse, grab everyone for a start of expansion group shot when we have an insane amount of people online.

      1. Lol, you’re talking to someone that tries to herd cats, I mean round up all of the Alliance and Horde on our connected server to do a Christmas card. I’ve done it the last 5 years.

  2. Hi, well my alts are ready, food check, flask check, rune check, headset check real food and drinks check (here at the Netherlands at 24:00 live lol ), friends on mumble check. But 1 problem we get pve,pvp,dungeon and raid Azeroth power gear lol so agian need bagspace for it to have them all the time with u lol. Have fun and happy hunting and lets hope that we have DDos attacks. Greethings

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