Cranky Monday

Not much to report in WoW land these days, and I slept badly last night so woke up kind of cranky. You will realize that about halfway through this post if not sooner…

Tonight, of course is the big name lottery for Classic — 2200 GMT, which is 1800 Eastern time. Apparently our guild will try for the one east coast time zone RP server, as that most reflects our current server (also the one the guild has been active on since Day 1 of WoW). Almost no one on our server actually does RP (Goldshire perverts excepted). I remember when I was trying to decide on a server when I first started the game, a friend advised me to select an RP one because those were always avoided by the obnoxious teenagers. Seems to still hold true, I think. We had a mini-discussion of this a couple days ago in guild chat, and that seems to be the reason nearly everyone in our guild selected the server.

A couple people also mentioned the fact that an RP server in theory prevents names along the lines of “Bigboobies” or “Myhugetool”. That may have been true in the past, but Blizz seems to have all but given up on enforcing RP names. Now they may trouble themselves to look into it if and only if a name is actually reported multiple times, but doing anything about it is rare. We used to have a rule in our guild that drama-producing names or clear non-RP ones (“Magaforever” for example, or “Imsohorny”) would not be permitted, but that seems to have gone by the wayside, a fallout I suppose of us being desperate for new members. Personally, I would not sell us out like that no matter what, but I do not make guild policy. I have told the GM that I will refuse to invite someone with a name like that, but all that means is someone else will invite. *sigh*

And what the hell is going on with the new reporting labyrinth? For a couple of months now, I have been unable to right-click on a player’s name and get the pop-up report menu. I also have no option for the /Whois function. I have searched around and can find no Blizzard notice of the change, so I am left with the possibility that it is an addon glitch or a stealth coarsification of the game. Mind you, I am not in the habit of reporting a lot of players — maybe 1-2 a month if that — but in view of what seems to a spate of non-RP names lately on our server, I have wanted that function and it has not been available.

I know a lot of players complained bitterly about the ease with which they could be reported, and I have no doubt there were some unjust reports rendered from time to time. But I also know that as soon as Blizz instituted the r-click reporting and crackdown a couple of years ago, trade chat on my server suddenly and dramatically ceased to be the cesspool it had become. I have noted it is once again veering in the direction of ugliness, however. Another thing Blizz no longer seems to care about…

Over the weekend I mostly spent my time trying to bring my monk up to speed to prepare her for our weekly alt raids scheduled to resume this next Friday. It has been a chore. Flying certainly helps, but going through the entire long set of quest lines for Naz and Mech is just not fun. Once was more than enough. And the profession requirements are particularly onerous for an alt, but then I suppose they give Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas great peace of mind because he can sleep well knowing no player is abusing the role of an alt by *gasp* trying to craft items for a main. The horror!

Oh, and as an aside, Blizz’s big hype about Benthic gear being account wide and thereby helping alts?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one, Blizz! Yeah, 385 gear is a big freaking help! Of course, said alt must grind at the level of a main for many weeks to get the SB mats to upgrade the gear to anything useful, but hey, probably some number of us weak-minded little players actually believed the blatant lie for a couple days, so that’s all that counts.

I tried to run both wings of LFR on my monk, both to get some gear (I got zero) and to get in some healing practice. Overall, it was not too bad an experience, with one exception: the second (fish) boss was a disaster. I never did find a group able to down it, though I admit I would get frustrated after 4-5 wipes and drop out. I have no idea why this boss is so hard in LFR, as it is in my opinion the easiest boss in the raid. However, it absolutely requires adherence to the basic mechanics.

For some reason, most of the LFR groups I was in simply could not grasp the idea of the green slime, and that you have to ensure you retain the buff on yourself as well as keep killing the pufferfish at reasonable intervals to keep the buff going. People did not get the buff and of course died from no healing — classes who normally disdain healing (“I have plenty of self-heals!”) seemed dumbfounded to learn those did not work without the buff, either. Even people who got the initial buff failed to get a second application, and few if any dps were willing to leave the boss to kill the pufferfish. A couple people every time got devoured by the kraken thingy from the deep.

It was a mess, even given some short, patient, critical explanations in advance — no one took the mechanics seriously. I never did down that boss on my healer, finally gave up. I am willing to write it off as an aberration, but it was still frustrating. Given the overall level of “cooperation” in LFR, it seems like Blizz needs to nerf this boss to allow, say, getting the buff once for the entire encounter or something. It is a well-designed and fun boss on normal and heroic, but at least so far I have found it to be a nightmare on LFR.

Oh yeah, one other thing that is really starting to annoy me — players no longer have the option to “ignore” quests they have no interest in doing. Nope, that big old yellow exclamation point stays there forever. Worse, you simply are not allowed to decline some quests, such as the asinine allied races starter and every damn invasion you pass over. You must accept them. Even accepting then abandoning that stupid allied race one only means it will pop up again every time you log in on every alt.

This strikes me as a petty gotcha Blizz could easily fix if they gave even half a shit about it. I mean, for about 20 minutes there they allowed us to ignore quests. Why did they remove that option? And why have they steadfastly added quests that we are no longer even permitted to decline? This is yet another thing that points to devs not really playing the game they design. I am at a loss to explain the reasoning — if any — behind it, except that probably some bean counter has figured out that a percentage of players will do them just to be rid of the annoyance, which of course adds to the enagagement™ of players and pumps up the metrics to satisfy corporate.

It’s not really about fun, it is about satisfying investors over customers.

Guess that’s it for my cranky Monday. I really need to get more sleep on Sunday nights.


7 thoughts on “Cranky Monday

  1. We did a straw poll for which of the 4 we were interested in joining. We had 4 votes for Myzrael, 2 for Pagle, and 1 for Mankirk. My personal choice was for Myzrael since in my mind that would rule out much of the Mankirks wife jokes in general and trade, and well, Pagel is a drunk. I will be on tonight to lock in my name, and I do not even know what level of rage I will have if I find out it has been taken. Fortunately many in guild are on board for chipping in to get the guild up and running on day 1 and to get our tabbard. I found a copy of the original Vanila WoW players manual, so I will be reading up on that this week and next. After an exceedingly horrid night in Nazjatar over the weekend, I honestly think I may be looking forward to a return to the old design philosophy. I’m a clothie, so to accumulate over 700 gold in repairs in an hour of playing really conveys the level of frustration I experienced.

    Overall, I think a decent amount of people from my connected server are all heading to one place, and my hope is that we will be able to shape it in a way that makes it a desirable location for any to join. If we can, we will certainly be one of the guilds working towards actually raiding, even though the thoughts of grouping 40 people seems like forming an old For The Horde/Alliance raid by advertising in trade chat.

    1. Not sure how it went for you, but it was —eventually — fairly smooth for us. There was about an hour right after opening that was horrible — after long waits, people were arbitrarily placed on random servers, then whenever anyone went to the realm selection option and selected Bloodsail Buccaneers, they would get constantly dc’ed. I gave up after about a dozen such attempts, figuring I am probably not going to play classic anyway so why bother.

      But in about an hour everything settled down and everyone that wanted to was able to get their names reserved. I am sure our guild has many more people reserving names than will ever play classic regularly, but we’ll see.

      1. A lot of us did register. Many have expressed that they will play Classic during down time or as a means to step away from the dumpster fire that is live at times. I suspect I may play Classic more. Current has gotten too repetitive, and the new zones too punishing for them to be considered fun. I haven’t been to Mechagon since I got my flying.

        My goal is to establish the guild I run with the same rules and outlook. I grew this one from a handful to cap, who knows, maybe I will have one of the best Classic guilds out there, or maybe just a home for people to hang out and play when they feel like it. Overall I am more positive about Classic than I am with Legion 2.0

  2. Honestly, I figured the quest arrow always pointing somewhere was an attempt at guiding new players so that they always have something to do while leveling or the like, but yes it is annoying along with the invasion quests.

    1. Oh, I like the quest arrows in general. What I don’t like is the fact that if you decide you are not going to do that quest, you cannot turn it off. Prime example: The pvp quest from the dude near the mission table on the boat in Boralus. I am never going to do that quest, I detest pvp, and yet there it is in my face every day when I go to take care of my missions. Blizz used to give us the option to ignore quests exactly so that we would not be annoyed at seeing them every time we turn around, but no more.

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