Letter to Greatfather Winter


Dear Greatfather Winter,

I have been a very good night elf (mostly somewhat). If you agree (I can get some references), this is what I would like you to bring me this year:

  1. A simpler gear system. I have wanted this a long time now, and I have made what I think is an excellent case for it. So, no pressure, but honestly it is time you took me seriously on it and finally pony up.
  2. Relevance for armor crafting. My alts have spent years gathering mats (including grubbing and grinding for soulbound ones), searching out and grinding faction rep for special patterns and schematics, and making literally hundreds of useless items just to get access to high end armor. All for nothing, as the current set is close to impossible to get at a point where it would be useful. Also, high end gear is now soulbound, a really ridiculous move that effectively penalizes armor crafters with no commensurate penalty for professions like alchemists.
  3. Hybrid roles for every class. It is time to give DPS-only classes the same raid utility potential as classes like Druids, Monks, Paladins, etc. If that is beyond your powers, then please restore the idea of “hybrid tax”, that means hybrids are slightly less powerful than their “pure” counterparts. Fair is fair.
  4. An end to corporate-enforced grinding in the game. Basically, just eliminate MAU and things have a chance to be better. Okay? Thank you.
  5. Put regular mythic dungeons (M+0) into the group finder. With the M+ system, these have become effectively approximately the same as heroic dungeons in difficulty. Plus there are still certain profession and other requirements that force players into Mythic dungeons, and having to endure the pug system or cajole guild members into helping you out seems a hurdle that does not need to be there.
  6. Player housing. Or guild housing. Or both. Come on, the technology is there, a fact proven with WoD garrisons. It’s time.
  7. Restored guild perks. Yes, I know we still have a couple, but nowhere near as many as we used to have. There should be clear benefits to belonging to a guild, even if they are only cosmetic — maybe, for example, some guild-related transmog items?
  8. Hunter pet collars. Not just pretty ones, but real gear that enhances pet damage. (You can ignore this request, though, if you decide to deliver on Number 1 above.)
  9. In the next expansion, flying in the first major patch. If you do that, I promise that I will have fully explored every teensy tiny aspect of “immersion”. Really.
  10. Last but certainly not least, bring my readers a season of warmth and laughter, of being surrounded by those they love and those that love them. They deserve this, as they have truly been very, very good all year. 



PS. There will be egg nog and cookies waiting for you. If you want, I can also arrange for something to spike it with, because by the time you deliver on all these things you probably will need it. Let me know.

I am off for an extended break. I will be back Monday, Jan 6, 2020. 

6 thoughts on “Letter to Greatfather Winter

  1. Yes to all the above.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Hopefully we will have a great deal to write about in 2020 and that there will be positive change to how we are encouraged to play.

  2. Found your blog about 6 months ago. Have enjoyed reading it. Many times have agreed entirely with your comments, and hoped that blizz would take note and change. Wishing you a merry Christmas, enjoy your holidays, and see you in the new year.

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