About Fiannor

I have been playing World of Warcraft since maybe mid-2008, at the tail end of Burning Crusade. My main is level 120 hunter, and I have 8 level 110 characters — another hunter, a warlock, a monk, a druid, a rogue, a shaman, a demon hunter, and a mage. All my characters are Alliance. I have tried a few Horde characters, but have never been able to buy into that particular story line.

These are just my random observations as I play the game. Some are specifically about hunters, many are not. I am not a theory crafter, not an expert raider, just someone who likes the game and has fun playing it.

5 thoughts on “About Fiannor

  1. Been trying out Beast Mastery in Legion? Liking multiple pets? How is that? I for 1 can’t, *can’t* wait to finally have multiple pets out at once! Thank you!

    1. Sadly, no. I have never, in many years, been part of an alpha or beta test. Never. In spite of always opting in, and in spite of this time for Legion entering multiple contests every week, no luck. Which is a shame because I think I would be a great beta tester, providing useful feedback and observations from the point of view of the semi-casual player — someone who plays the game intensely but not at the level of a professional or elite raider.

      I will likely choose BM as my hunter spec in Legion, but I am not especially excited about it. As you point out, having multiple pets at once sounds nice, but unfortunately one of them — the one you get from your artifact weapon — is not controllable by you, it is more of just a visual for some increased passive damage. In general, what I have read about BM in Legion is that it will be quite slow to play, with gaps where you cannot do anything because you are waiting for your focus to regenerate. You will have no active focus-generating shot like we do now. Also, talents like Stampede become very different from the current one — in Legion, Stampede becomes more like Barrage, because you unleash your Stampede pets and they basically damage every enemy in a cone type path in front of you, then they disappear once they have reached their range limit.

      Check out my post “Beastmastery in Legion — still iffy” for a couple of links to good blogs written by excellent hunters with Legion access.

    1. Thanks for asking, no I am not done with it. I am still very active in the game, and I will most likely start the blog back up around the first of the year. Just needed an extended break.

      1. Understandable! i stopped huntering before Legion but i still really enjoy your writings. please keep up the good work

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