Pie and irrationality

Yesterday, of course was Pi Day. As has become traditional in our house, I picked up a couple pies I had previously ordered from The Happy Eatery Bakery in my town. (If you are ever in Manassas, do not miss this place, it is really superb, totally unsolicited endorsement.) The pies do double duty — … Continue reading Pie and irrationality

Whelmed by the patch

CAUTION: May contain Patch 8.1.5 spoilers, read at your own risk. As you all know, Patch 8.1.5 dropped yesterday. To quote Mel Brooks, “I am not overwhelmed, but I am definitely whelmed ...” by it. As a minor major patch goes, it is fine I suppose, and like every patch it has some positives as well … Continue reading Whelmed by the patch

The endless war (campaign)

So over the weekend I played with newest leveled alt, my MW/WW monk. I had fun finally running some LFR, the Darkshore Warfront, and some emissary quests with her. I am finding the monk play style both quick and engaging, a far cry from the dull BM hunter mash-the-button-on-cooldown style. If monks had a ranged … Continue reading The endless war (campaign)

Lazy Friday

It’s Friday, and honestly I am feeling quite lazy — possibly getting a head start on spring fever? Thus, I have no great words of wisdom or even foolishness today, just some random observations, links, and stray comments. Feel free to skip the post, I guarantee you there is very little of importance in it. … Continue reading Lazy Friday

Profession changes — lipstick on a pig

Okay, this is not my first time writing about the dismal state of professions in WoW, and sadly it probably will not be my last, but sheesh Blizz, not to put too fine a point on it — WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?   There are some moves Blizz make that absolutely convince me there … Continue reading Profession changes — lipstick on a pig

Thank a tank

Over the weekend I tried — unsuccessfully — to run Battle of Dazar’alor LFR on a couple of alts. Yes, I suppose I am a glutton for punishment. I don’t want any regular LFR participants to take this the wrong way, but I wanted to run through the raid on both my healers (Mistweaver Monk … Continue reading Thank a tank