PvP still sucks

Over the weekend I ran some random battlegrounds on my monk. The only reason I ran them was because there was an engineering blueprint I wanted, and it was locked behind doing enough PvP to get the whatchamacallit gizmos to pay the vendor dude in Nazjatar. So, first off, I was grumpy because I felt … Continue reading PvP still sucks

We have met the competition, and it is us

Over the last few days we have had a couple of our core raiders inform the team that they would not be raiding for at least a couple of weeks starting with Classic release, in order to concentrate on what they expect to be a totally absorbing, blockbuster experience. This, of course, will totally torpedo … Continue reading We have met the competition, and it is us

Clueless in Manassas

Generally I feel like I am a relatively with-it, aware person. (And I realize using the term “with-it” is vaguely akin to using “cool” or “hip” — that is, something your dad might say to prove how with-it he is, a slang usage oxymoron...) But every once in a while something comes along that reminds … Continue reading Clueless in Manassas

Cranky Monday

Not much to report in WoW land these days, and I slept badly last night so woke up kind of cranky. You will realize that about halfway through this post if not sooner... Tonight, of course is the big name lottery for Classic — 2200 GMT, which is 1800 Eastern time. Apparently our guild will … Continue reading Cranky Monday

Another scattershot post

Today's post — in what seems to be a depressingly familiar pattern — is just a few disjointed comments on the scraps of news about the game these days. So you want to play a hunter in Classic? Before you do, check out this post about the “not a bug” as well as the “OK … Continue reading Another scattershot post

WoW in reruns?

Blizz has announced this Thursday, August 8, at 2 PM eastern time, they will be conducting a pre-launch stress test of Classic. Having heretofore severely limited the number of players participating in previous test phases, now they are begging people to log on and help them crash the servers. I get why they are doing this, … Continue reading WoW in reruns?