Reading financial report tea leaves

Friday I wrote about some of the ways Activision Blizzard’s big move into esports has impacted WoW over the last couple of expansions. Today I want to discuss a few other factors that can give us a glimpse into which way the game may be heading. On Feb 12 we will see ATVI’s report on … Continue reading Reading financial report tea leaves

Whither World of Warcraft?

whither INTERROGATIVE ADVERB literary, archaic 1 To what place or state. ‘whither are we bound?’ ‘they asked people whither they would emigrate’ 1.1 What is the likely future of. ‘whither modern architecture?’ I admit I am something of a logophile. Some words just make me happy when I can use them. Whither is one of those. It … Continue reading Whither World of Warcraft?

DC’ed from inspiration

This is just one of those days when I have absolutely zero idea of a decent topic to write on. It happens. Thus, here are a series of disconnected thoughts, in no particular order. — For a chuckle, check out this clever post by long-time blogger Elkagorasa the Casual. If you have ever done M+ … Continue reading DC’ed from inspiration

The demise of casual guilds

Last night, as I was interviewing a prospective guild recruit, it struck me that I was almost desperate for this person to like and join our guild, especially since they were a raider. It wouldn’t have done to let it show, but nevertheless I recognized the attitude was there. WTF? We are a Day One … Continue reading The demise of casual guilds

Fun, part deux

A couple nights ago I was grinding out some world quests, and it struck me how annoying most of them are. Not because I have done them dozens of times and they are boring, though that is true, but because Blizz has steadily gone stark raving bonkers with packing mobs into every available space. There … Continue reading Fun, part deux

Remember fun?

Last night our guild resumed its regular raid night, after a nice long holiday break. We pretty much romped through heroic Uldir, with only a couple of wipes each at Zul and G’huun. We were short a couple of our core raiders, so some others had to fill in on cc and orb duties, and … Continue reading Remember fun?

A case of Hives

Shortly after I went on holiday break in December, some unbelievably tenacious WoW players broke the code on obtaining a sought-after secret mount, the Hivemind. I am in awe of the coordinated sleuthing that went into this. I cannot even begin to imagine how one tracks down such secret complexity. So big time kudos to … Continue reading A case of Hives