Phasing out armor crafting?

Today, let’s talk professions in WoW. I have never been a profession geek in the game, but I have usually pursued them and had a lot of fun with them. I look upon them as an integral part of the game, and one of my main goals for alts is to have at least one … Continue reading Phasing out armor crafting?

Thoughts from my week off

Last week I divided my WoW time between some concentrated raiding and just doing whatever the hell I felt like doing when I logged in. It was fun. I also pretty much ignored Blizzcon, catching up with the headlines when they hit MMO-C or Wowhead. Today’s post is just some scattered thoughts about all that. … Continue reading Thoughts from my week off

Blizz – cheapskates and skinflints

If I could actually ask a question at this year’s Blizzcon World of Warcraft Q&A, it would be this: Why has Blizz become so miserly? I am talking about things like: Mission table quests. The gold from them is not even close to what we got from Legion class hall missions. There is absolutely zero … Continue reading Blizz – cheapskates and skinflints

The Popeye principle

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers about the Patch 8.1 raid. Don’t read if you don’t want to know. Before I start today’s post, let me say that I have not even dipped a toe into the Patch 8.1 PTR. Everything I know about the patch comes from Blizz announcements and various blogs and forums. … Continue reading The Popeye principle

Aging of BFA

I am more or less at the point in Battle for Azeroth where I put my main into “maintenance” mode and start leveling and minimally gearing up my alts. This is my normal expansion play style: spend most of the first patch exclusively on my main, get her to a gear and achievement level that … Continue reading Aging of BFA

Uldir revisited

Last night our raid team finally broke through the wall we had hit in heroic Uldir — for weeks we have been stuck on Zul, unable to field the “proper” team numbers and/or composition to kill him. So we languished for a long time at 5/8H, but finally last night’s Zul kill plus a relatively … Continue reading Uldir revisited