Will “player agency” be a joke?

Deb Montague over at Blizzard Watch has a piece today asking readers to chime in on achievements that are long past their prime in the game. She cites as her example the Children’s Week achievement that requires players to take an orphan into a battleground and capture a node with them. (At least I think … Continue reading Will “player agency” be a joke?

Hunter dreams

A few days ago I posted some of my own personal quality-of-life wishes for Shadowlands.  Today’s post is about some changes I would like to see for Hunters. By all accounts, there will be some class changes to nearly every class in Shadowlands. And of course, no matter what the changes, there will be a … Continue reading Hunter dreams

Dump the visions

Over the past week or two I have written a few posts on Patch 8.3’s central feature: the legendary cloak and the Horrific Visions that support it. I have read a ton of comments and commentary on HV, and I have listened to my guildies as they each figure out how to best get through … Continue reading Dump the visions

A farewell to alts

Over the weekend it became crystal clear to me that the alt war — waged now for three expansions by Mr. I-Know-How-You-Should-Play-This-Game Director Hazzikostas — is over. He won. Time for him to publicly declare victory, have a nicely staged one-man-parade down the halls of Blizz headquarters, and move on. You will recall that, some … Continue reading A farewell to alts

Another lesson Blizz failed to learn

Back in the ancient history that is Mists of Pandaria, there were a large number of daily quests players needed to do in order to gain rep with certain factions, gain needed profession recipes and gear, and even to unlock additional factions that would in turn require constant, daily quests in order to obtain items … Continue reading Another lesson Blizz failed to learn

Heritage of bad design

Look, I wanted to have a great time in 8.3. I wanted to really like it, I wanted to be able to judge it as a last-gasp successful effort to save Battle for Azeroth from going down as one of the worst expansions ever. I wanted to get into what seemed like a dizzying array … Continue reading Heritage of bad design

Already ground down

Last night — on the third day of a huge new patch — I logged on with a feeling not of anticipation but of resigned weariness. It occurred to me that maybe Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas is actually right when he brays about all the choices in the game — each night now I have … Continue reading Already ground down