Enough already

This is probably going to be a rant, so if you aren’t in the mood, you may want to skip today’s post. Over the weekend, I got a new piece of gear from the Warfront scenario. For a change it was not my umpteenth set of identical gloves, it was actually a 15-ilevel upgrade from … Continue reading Enough already

Unfocused focus

Some days when I sit down to write this blog I have to really scrape to come up with a topic. Other days there is so much to write about that the problem is choosing and limiting the blog’s topic scope. Then there are days like today, which seems to be a witch’s sour mash … Continue reading Unfocused focus

Beastmaster blues

A recent WoW dps chart — always guaranteed to provoke both whining and strutting among the numbers-obsessed — was bad news for BM hunters. Basically, with performances aggregated over time since Battle of Dazar’alor went live, BM hunters are at the bottom of the chart. The bottom. The worst. The spec stinkers of WoW. Worse … Continue reading Beastmaster blues

Rogue thoughts

I spent almost the entire day and a good part of the evening yesterday brushing the dust off my rogue, probably a total of something like 8-9 hours time logged in to the game. I usually don’t play that much in one sitting, tend to be a 2-4 hour kind of player except for major … Continue reading Rogue thoughts

Hati! You’re back!

Back in the early days of Legion, when beastmaster hunters were having some pretty dark days because of Blizz’s complete stripping of the spec’s very soul, I remember being kind of skeptical of Hati. Recall that Hati, for all practical purposes, was the BM hunter artifact weapon. Oh sure, there was a gun, but it … Continue reading Hati! You’re back!

PvP overreach?

I am sure most of you saw the disclosure about Limit changing factions in order to get an advantage for the World First Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor over-hyped “contest”. The rationale for changing had to do with gear — mainly the extra ilevel 400 piece offered to Alliance as a kill-25 horde quest enticement to … Continue reading PvP overreach?

DC’ed from inspiration

This is just one of those days when I have absolutely zero idea of a decent topic to write on. It happens. Thus, here are a series of disconnected thoughts, in no particular order. — For a chuckle, check out this clever post by long-time blogger Elkagorasa the Casual. If you have ever done M+ … Continue reading DC’ed from inspiration