Titanforged frustration

Last night I dinged level 43 on my main hunter’s neck piece. That’s not especially high for  an active main character — a couple of my guildies are getting close to 50, I think. But it’s not as if I never play my main except on raid nights. I run most of the emissary quests, … Continue reading Titanforged frustration

The endless war (campaign)

So over the weekend I played with newest leveled alt, my MW/WW monk. I had fun finally running some LFR, the Darkshore Warfront, and some emissary quests with her. I am finding the monk play style both quick and engaging, a far cry from the dull BM hunter mash-the-button-on-cooldown style. If monks had a ranged … Continue reading The endless war (campaign)

Profession changes — lipstick on a pig

Okay, this is not my first time writing about the dismal state of professions in WoW, and sadly it probably will not be my last, but sheesh Blizz, not to put too fine a point on it — WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?   There are some moves Blizz make that absolutely convince me there … Continue reading Profession changes — lipstick on a pig

Thank a tank

Over the weekend I tried — unsuccessfully — to run Battle of Dazar’alor LFR on a couple of alts. Yes, I suppose I am a glutton for punishment. I don’t want any regular LFR participants to take this the wrong way, but I wanted to run through the raid on both my healers (Mistweaver Monk … Continue reading Thank a tank

Gearing alts

Yesterday, still recovering from a bout with the flu, I felt good enough to be upright but not good enough to be moving around much — the perfect set of circumstances for spending a lot of hours playing WoW! So I spent the whole day leveling my Windwalker monk. Actually, I am not a fan … Continue reading Gearing alts

Unfocused focus

Some days when I sit down to write this blog I have to really scrape to come up with a topic. Other days there is so much to write about that the problem is choosing and limiting the blog’s topic scope. Then there are days like today, which seems to be a witch’s sour mash … Continue reading Unfocused focus

Rogue thoughts

I spent almost the entire day and a good part of the evening yesterday brushing the dust off my rogue, probably a total of something like 8-9 hours time logged in to the game. I usually don’t play that much in one sitting, tend to be a 2-4 hour kind of player except for major … Continue reading Rogue thoughts