Designing for disappointment

Often, especially on Mondays, I am not sure what the topic of my post will be until I actually sit down to write it. I try to plan out my other topics for the week early on, but Mondays I just can’t seem to get with it. Today, though, was different — after some experiences … Continue reading Designing for disappointment

Thoughts while my contractors are here

I have contractors here at the house again today, meaning more or less constant interruptions, so this post will be one of the scattershot variety — a few miscellaneous thoughts expressed in no particular order. Silly world quests. Every expansion and every patch, there are a few really silly world quests that people seem to … Continue reading Thoughts while my contractors are here

Initiate destruction sequence

Last night, in what is beginning to seem like a bizarre reenactment of Ground Hog Day, we doggedly wiped over and over again on the second boss in Heroic Crucible of Storms. No, we did not kill him. What with the July 4 holiday and all, we basically have one more raid night left before … Continue reading Initiate destruction sequence

Is it enough?

WARNING STATEMENT: This post may contain spoilers. If you are hyper sensitive to such (“OMG, there are two new zones??”), best to skip it.  Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, is live as of yesterday. The technical rollout, at least from my perspective, seemed flawless. Announced outage was from 10-6 my time, and I had planned … Continue reading Is it enough?

The Reforging Paradox

Over the past few expansions, Blizz has developed what I consider to be a condescending and patronizing brand of gaslighting that is really starting to grate on me. For want of a better term, I will refer to it as the Reforging Paradox, named after an early example of the phenomenon. That is, back at … Continue reading The Reforging Paradox

Fashion sense

There being very little to write about WoW these days, this morning I have been thinking about the transmog mechanism and how it has changed the game. Looking back, I think it was one of the most significant changes Blizz ever made to WoW — it would definitely be in any of my top-10 (maybe … Continue reading Fashion sense

Two big reasons BFA stinks

Warning: If you are not in the mood for a rant, you may want to skip today’s post. I have had a really frustrating week playing WoW. We had a rainy weekend in my part of the world, so I ended up spending more time than I usually do playing WoW. When an expansion hits … Continue reading Two big reasons BFA stinks