The pendulum swings again

I spent my weekend game time pretty evenly divided between my MW/WW monk and my main hunter. I was stepping out of my comfort zone on both of them, just for something new to do. Our guild has started up a fledgling rated battleground team. Mind you, I do not enjoy PvP. However, I do … Continue reading The pendulum swings again

Shadowlands – make or break?

In my last post, I mentioned that Blizz seems awfully interested in how players are (or are not) reacting to Horrific Visions, which in many ways are the central feature of Patch 8.3. Specifically, I noted they had done major nerfs of nearly every aspect of them — how fast you earn the admission tickets, … Continue reading Shadowlands – make or break?

A farewell to alts

Over the weekend it became crystal clear to me that the alt war — waged now for three expansions by Mr. I-Know-How-You-Should-Play-This-Game Director Hazzikostas — is over. He won. Time for him to publicly declare victory, have a nicely staged one-man-parade down the halls of Blizz headquarters, and move on. You will recall that, some … Continue reading A farewell to alts

Ascendancy of chaos

How was your patch day? Other than one stray server disconnect and a couple of addons not working properly, the technical aspects of the patch rollout seemed highly efficient and successful. So kudos to the Blizz tech team, they — at least so far — have done a great job. But the designers? Not so … Continue reading Ascendancy of chaos

2020 — Gear gets worse and worse

Well, I’m back, and I am grumpy. I had a fantastic break, don’t get me wrong — it was everything Christmas season should be, with lots of good company and good will and good food. I even got to raise a glass with some of my old brothers and sisters in arms, and we laughed … Continue reading 2020 — Gear gets worse and worse

The last alt

Over the weekend I leveled my last alt — an elemental shaman — to 120. It certainly was a short process. Using the Darkmoon Faire buff on Friday and Saturday, the WoW anniversary buff, and that great Draught of Ten Lands potion, I leveled from 110 to 120 in one and a half zones. I … Continue reading The last alt

Patch 8.3 — anticipation or dread?

Here be spoilers. This post contains minor spoilers about Patch 8.3 as well as about the next expansion. Information from the PTR, where Patch 8.3 is being revealed in larger and larger chunks, is now coming at us at a fast pace. It seems likely that it will be the last major patch before the … Continue reading Patch 8.3 — anticipation or dread?