Frozen in tedium

Today there is a little Blizz announcement regarding some changes to Battle of Dazar’alor: Lady Jaina Proudmoore Jaina now kills all players instantly if the entire raid is frozen solid during an intermission phase. Developers’ note: Previously, if an entire raid was frozen solid, all players would have to wait until they each died before … Continue reading Frozen in tedium

Shocked, shocked!

Look, I know that Patch 8.2 is still in the “testing” phase, by which of course Blizz means “We want our customers to find all the bugs for us, but we have zero intention of making any meaningful changes”. But hey, it is still technically in draft stage, so we should expect some small glitches, … Continue reading Shocked, shocked!

This may be the line

I’ve been doing some hard thinking about World of Warcraft in the past couple of days, specifically my own relationship to it. In the “death by a thousand cuts” metaphor, this latest Blizz decision on mount equipment may turn out to be the final mortal cut. I will likely stick around to see the announcement … Continue reading This may be the line

And the hits just keep on coming

I am trying to be excited about Patch 8.2, trying to give Blizz the benefit of the doubt. I really am. But it seems like every time I turn around they announce yet another stupid idea. The latest one is the "perk" we will get to "allow" "equipment" on mounts. At first glance this sounded … Continue reading And the hits just keep on coming

In which I eat my words

As you all know, Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas has been making the rounds of the gaming pubs giving interviews designed to hype Patch 8.2, coming in ???early summer??late spring?? As the various editorial staffs completed their work, we are seeing these interviews published one or two at a time. On Friday I opined about two … Continue reading In which I eat my words

Hati! You’re back!

Back in the early days of Legion, when beastmaster hunters were having some pretty dark days because of Blizz’s complete stripping of the spec’s very soul, I remember being kind of skeptical of Hati. Recall that Hati, for all practical purposes, was the BM hunter artifact weapon. Oh sure, there was a gun, but it … Continue reading Hati! You’re back!

A case of Hives

Shortly after I went on holiday break in December, some unbelievably tenacious WoW players broke the code on obtaining a sought-after secret mount, the Hivemind. I am in awe of the coordinated sleuthing that went into this. I cannot even begin to imagine how one tracks down such secret complexity. So big time kudos to … Continue reading A case of Hives