Cranky Monday

Not much to report in WoW land these days, and I slept badly last night so woke up kind of cranky. You will realize that about halfway through this post if not sooner... Tonight, of course is the big name lottery for Classic — 2200 GMT, which is 1800 Eastern time. Apparently our guild will … Continue reading Cranky Monday

What a difference a year makes

It is the middle of summer. It is hot. People are leaving on vacations and hanging by the pool or at the beach, ice cream and popsicles and ice cold beer are a delight in the heat, and shorts and flipflops are the uniform of freedom. But we are also at the point where most … Continue reading What a difference a year makes

Thoughts while my contractors are here

I have contractors here at the house again today, meaning more or less constant interruptions, so this post will be one of the scattershot variety — a few miscellaneous thoughts expressed in no particular order. Silly world quests. Every expansion and every patch, there are a few really silly world quests that people seem to … Continue reading Thoughts while my contractors are here

What I did on my summer vacation

My two weeks of writing vacation went by far too quickly, but now break is over and it’s time to lace up my hard shoes and get back to school. While I was out, I spent a lot — A LOT — of time playing WoW. Too much, even in my own opinion. But I … Continue reading What I did on my summer vacation

Initiate destruction sequence

Last night, in what is beginning to seem like a bizarre reenactment of Ground Hog Day, we doggedly wiped over and over again on the second boss in Heroic Crucible of Storms. No, we did not kill him. What with the July 4 holiday and all, we basically have one more raid night left before … Continue reading Initiate destruction sequence

Is it enough?

WARNING STATEMENT: This post may contain spoilers. If you are hyper sensitive to such (“OMG, there are two new zones??”), best to skip it.  Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, is live as of yesterday. The technical rollout, at least from my perspective, seemed flawless. Announced outage was from 10-6 my time, and I had planned … Continue reading Is it enough?

Frozen in tedium

Today there is a little Blizz announcement regarding some changes to Battle of Dazar’alor: Lady Jaina Proudmoore Jaina now kills all players instantly if the entire raid is frozen solid during an intermission phase. Developers’ note: Previously, if an entire raid was frozen solid, all players would have to wait until they each died before … Continue reading Frozen in tedium