Clueless in Manassas

Generally I feel like I am a relatively with-it, aware person. (And I realize using the term “with-it” is vaguely akin to using “cool” or “hip” — that is, something your dad might say to prove how with-it he is, a slang usage oxymoron...) But every once in a while something comes along that reminds … Continue reading Clueless in Manassas

Cranky Monday

Not much to report in WoW land these days, and I slept badly last night so woke up kind of cranky. You will realize that about halfway through this post if not sooner... Tonight, of course is the big name lottery for Classic — 2200 GMT, which is 1800 Eastern time. Apparently our guild will … Continue reading Cranky Monday

I got nothin’

If you are a short on time, just skip today’s post, because I admit up front I got nothin’. There is very little going on in WoW, the game is basically holding its breath waiting — waiting for Classic to drop, waiting for the next half-patch (8.2.5), waiting for the next round of Blizzcon speculation … Continue reading I got nothin’

When raiding dies

Last night we made 25 attempts to kill heroic Uu’nat in Crucible of Storms. Notice the term “attempts” — no, we did not kill him. We managed to scrape up 15 raiders, and Blizz had even made a few minor nerfs to the fight aimed at smaller raid groups. But still we were unsuccessful. We … Continue reading When raiding dies

Player housing – could Blizz really pull it off?

A while back — maybe a couple of weeks? — MMO-C posted a quick summary of a recent 4FanSite interview with some Blizzard devs. One tiny comment seemed almost earth-shaking, coming from Blizz.  The original quote from the German site was: Housing ist bei Blizzard ein sehr großes Thema. Die Entwickler sind noch am Überlegen … Continue reading Player housing – could Blizz really pull it off?

Forget flying, when’s the next expansion?

Last night, during a dismal raid night, the full failure of Battle for Azeroth really hit me. I have been loathe to render final judgement on this expansion, but I think there is no longer any use pretending Blizz can and/or will do anything to salvage it. It’s a big fat epic fail, worse in … Continue reading Forget flying, when’s the next expansion?

What I heard, part two

Finishing my take (it’s a long one, get comfortable) on the March 21 Live Developer Q&A: Caverns of Time portal. This will return in “the next content update”, which I guess means 8.2. I did find it interesting that Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas, who in the past has not shied away from reiterating ad nauseam … Continue reading What I heard, part two