PvP still sucks

Over the weekend I ran some random battlegrounds on my monk. The only reason I ran them was because there was an engineering blueprint I wanted, and it was locked behind doing enough PvP to get the whatchamacallit gizmos to pay the vendor dude in Nazjatar. So, first off, I was grumpy because I felt … Continue reading PvP still sucks

Another scattershot post

Today's post — in what seems to be a depressingly familiar pattern — is just a few disjointed comments on the scraps of news about the game these days. So you want to play a hunter in Classic? Before you do, check out this post about the “not a bug” as well as the “OK … Continue reading Another scattershot post

Do we need another class?

About a week ago, Icy Veins published a handy summary of the most recent full-fledged speculations about the next expansion. It is entertaining to read, and who knows, maybe there are some nuggets of truth buried in there. We are immersed in the Guessing Season in WoW, that time every expansion when we are mentally … Continue reading Do we need another class?

Fun at last!

LIGHT SPOILERS — This post includes a few very minor spoilers about heroic Stromgarde. So minor, in fact, that I feel foolish even posting a warning. Still, if you don’t want to know, move on. Our guild usually hosts a more or less open “alt raid” on Friday nights. It’s a bring-your-friends normal run of … Continue reading Fun at last!

Hunter smackdown. Again.

The one thing I have been relatively hopeful about regarding Patch 8.2 is that Blizz pretty much left hunters alone, did not screw with us much. BM hunters are still woefully low in damage, lack any sort of significant burst ability, and are mainly at the mercy of a mechanical button-mashing play style, but hey … Continue reading Hunter smackdown. Again.

Blizz targeting class design?

A couple of days ago, in a Dev Insights video, Mr. Game Director Hazzikostas made what seems to be a startling admission: Blizz has screwed up class design in the game. Well. Watch out for those flying pigs! Up front, I first want to say I applaud this bit of honesty from Mr. GDH, though … Continue reading Blizz targeting class design?

The Reforging Paradox

Over the past few expansions, Blizz has developed what I consider to be a condescending and patronizing brand of gaslighting that is really starting to grate on me. For want of a better term, I will refer to it as the Reforging Paradox, named after an early example of the phenomenon. That is, back at … Continue reading The Reforging Paradox