We have met the competition, and it is us

Over the last few days we have had a couple of our core raiders inform the team that they would not be raiding for at least a couple of weeks starting with Classic release, in order to concentrate on what they expect to be a totally absorbing, blockbuster experience. This, of course, will totally torpedo … Continue reading We have met the competition, and it is us

Clueless in Manassas

Generally I feel like I am a relatively with-it, aware person. (And I realize using the term “with-it” is vaguely akin to using “cool” or “hip” — that is, something your dad might say to prove how with-it he is, a slang usage oxymoron...) But every once in a while something comes along that reminds … Continue reading Clueless in Manassas

Cranky Monday

Not much to report in WoW land these days, and I slept badly last night so woke up kind of cranky. You will realize that about halfway through this post if not sooner... Tonight, of course is the big name lottery for Classic — 2200 GMT, which is 1800 Eastern time. Apparently our guild will … Continue reading Cranky Monday

I got nothin’

If you are a short on time, just skip today’s post, because I admit up front I got nothin’. There is very little going on in WoW, the game is basically holding its breath waiting — waiting for Classic to drop, waiting for the next half-patch (8.2.5), waiting for the next round of Blizzcon speculation … Continue reading I got nothin’

What a difference a year makes

It is the middle of summer. It is hot. People are leaving on vacations and hanging by the pool or at the beach, ice cream and popsicles and ice cold beer are a delight in the heat, and shorts and flipflops are the uniform of freedom. But we are also at the point where most … Continue reading What a difference a year makes

Designing for disappointment

Often, especially on Mondays, I am not sure what the topic of my post will be until I actually sit down to write it. I try to plan out my other topics for the week early on, but Mondays I just can’t seem to get with it. Today, though, was different — after some experiences … Continue reading Designing for disappointment

Yankees and Patriots and Method

Because there is absolutely zero going on in WoW world these days — even the hotfixes are minuscule and boring — I read a couple updates on the breathtaking, edge-of-our-seats, heart-pounding (*sarcasm*) Eternal Palace Race to World First. SPOILER ALERT: Method is favored to win. I did a very cursory check, and it looks like … Continue reading Yankees and Patriots and Method