Buh-bye Uldir and other thoughts

Last night we wrapped up our raiding for the year. We are taking a holiday break, thank goodness. I really feel like I need a raid break, and I think everyone else on the team feels that way, too. (I mean, they don’t feel like I need a break — though possibly they do feel … Continue reading Buh-bye Uldir and other thoughts

Overflowing trash

Last night, bowing to Blizz’s pseudo-warning that we all better get our M+ runs in before tomorrow’s patch if we want to get a good start on accumulating the new currency, a few of us ran some M+ dungeons. As none of us had been running M+ this expansion, we had to start out running … Continue reading Overflowing trash

Guild hopping and the professionalization of M+

Over the weekend I had a chance to do some one on one chats with a few players I met online through our guild recruitment advertisements. It was both a frustrating and an enlightening experience. It was frustrating because so many of the players demanded an exact guild fit to their individual needs. For example, … Continue reading Guild hopping and the professionalization of M+

Kilns, raids, guilds, and patches

Where to start? Well, the biggest thing on my mind of course — and pardon my detour into my personal life here — is my new kiln. It arrived Wednesday, all shiny and perfect, and got installed within about 3 hours. As we speak, I just finished running the initial test fire, a 19 1/2 … Continue reading Kilns, raids, guilds, and patches


Since I last posted, I have had a running battle with my internet provider, Comcast. No reason to go into detail, but suffice it to say the service magically disappeared for about 48 hours, Comcast was unable to fix the problem and seemed uninterested in doing so unless I became irate about it every few … Continue reading Philosophizing

Thoughts from my week off

Last week I divided my WoW time between some concentrated raiding and just doing whatever the hell I felt like doing when I logged in. It was fun. I also pretty much ignored Blizzcon, catching up with the headlines when they hit MMO-C or Wowhead. Today’s post is just some scattered thoughts about all that. … Continue reading Thoughts from my week off