Unfocused focus

Some days when I sit down to write this blog I have to really scrape to come up with a topic. Other days there is so much to write about that the problem is choosing and limiting the blog’s topic scope. Then there are days like today, which seems to be a witch’s sour mash … Continue reading Unfocused focus

The demise of casual guilds

Last night, as I was interviewing a prospective guild recruit, it struck me that I was almost desperate for this person to like and join our guild, especially since they were a raider. It wouldn’t have done to let it show, but nevertheless I recognized the attitude was there. WTF? We are a Day One … Continue reading The demise of casual guilds

Guild hopping and the professionalization of M+

Over the weekend I had a chance to do some one on one chats with a few players I met online through our guild recruitment advertisements. It was both a frustrating and an enlightening experience. It was frustrating because so many of the players demanded an exact guild fit to their individual needs. For example, … Continue reading Guild hopping and the professionalization of M+

Kilns, raids, guilds, and patches

Where to start? Well, the biggest thing on my mind of course — and pardon my detour into my personal life here — is my new kiln. It arrived Wednesday, all shiny and perfect, and got installed within about 3 hours. As we speak, I just finished running the initial test fire, a 19 1/2 … Continue reading Kilns, raids, guilds, and patches

Goals and progress

Over the weekend I spent most of my WoW time trying to gain some rep for my Druid (so as to get the level 3 alchemy recipes), and starting to level my alt hunter. My alt hunter — a Beastmaster hunter — used to be my main, but for a lot of unimportant complicated reasons … Continue reading Goals and progress

Back — and cranky

Hey, all. Well, vacation is over — although “vacation” is not really the right term, as I was engaged in a lot of manual labor every day. I even took a slight break from WoW — would go two or three days without logging in, usually on evenings when I was too beat to do … Continue reading Back — and cranky