Of elves and factions

As I did not have full use of my mouse hand over the weekend, I played WoW very little, but instead spent much of my normal game time perusing reddit and the Blizz forums. I can report that the level of discourse on these has not, for the most part, changed much over the last … Continue reading Of elves and factions

New leveling, continued

In Friday’s post, I described my experiences so far with leveling a void elf under the new leveling structure. As nearly all of my weekend play time was spent leveling my new alt, this will be an update on additional observations. Having now played a total of 17 hours in the new system on my … Continue reading New leveling, continued

Mixed alt messages

Over the weekend I spent a few hours on my outlaw rogue alt. I like this alt, but he is not one of my “main” alts, if there is such a thing. He was already at 110 and had worked through the basic parts of Broken Shore and the class hall quest lines (but not … Continue reading Mixed alt messages