Weekend wanderings

I played quite a bit this last weekend. Mostly I finished leveling my rogue, the first melee spec I have ever max leveled. In the process, I had a lot of time to think, because honestly I have found the combat rogue rotation to be pretty much automatic, with the interesting parts coming only when … Continue reading Weekend wanderings

Let the games begin!

In a couple of hours, in theory, we will start to get some real information on Legion. Finally, almost three months to the day since we got our initial teaser back in August. That Gamescom info was clearly very conceptual in nature, and I have a suspicion Blizz would rather not have put it out … Continue reading Let the games begin!

End-of-expansion meandering (“Not all who meander are bored”)

(If you are looking for the post "Stop digging!", it is not here. Due to huge fumble fingers on my part, it was a draft  erroneously published, then withdrawn within one minute. Of course, the vagaries of updating insured that it was immediately updated in the Internet referral pages, whereas sometimes it can take a … Continue reading End-of-expansion meandering (“Not all who meander are bored”)

Closet cleaning time

It's been a while since I cleaned out my drafts folder, and this last week before Blizzcon -- when there is absolutely positively nothing going on in the WoW world -- is probably a good time to do it. What is "content"? Pherian over at alt:ernative chat has a piece today about game content, and … Continue reading Closet cleaning time

Confessions of a professional worrier

Not to brag, but I consider myself a world class worrier. I have a natural gift for it. Once, at the age of 13, when my family was going through a rough economic period, I expressed to my grandmother my worry about where the rent money was going to come from. She gave me a long look … Continue reading Confessions of a professional worrier

Transmog : Shoulders from hell

Before I start, let me say that I am not a huge transmogger. I really like that Blizz implemented the concept, and I end up transmogging almost all of my alts. But I am not exactly what you would call fashion conscious, either in game or real life. Still, I do have definite ideas about … Continue reading Transmog : Shoulders from hell

Who took the boom out of Boomkin?

Last night, just for variety, I decided to resume leveling my poor mistreated Balance Druid. She has been sitting at level 91 in the bare camping-out version of a garrison since sometime around February. I got her to Draenor then just left her alone, poor thing. I have a sad history of similar behavior with … Continue reading Who took the boom out of Boomkin?