An hour of nothingness and delusion

Today's post is about all the juicy tidbits Ion Hazzikostas dropped for us in yesterday's Q&A -- some of them make me righteously indignant, I am excited about others, and still others have given us startling insight into not only 7.3 but also the direction the game is going for the next expansion. HAHAHAHAHA! Just … Continue reading An hour of nothingness and delusion

Alt weekend

I had a busy weekend in WoW. Nothing spectacular, just found myself with some windfall time on my hands and decided to spend it playing. As there is nothing much left for me to do with my main except grind out AP, I turned to my two most developed alts -- balance druid and destro … Continue reading Alt weekend

Legion professions — sometimes it really is about the destination

Background (you can skip this part and still get the gist of the post): For many years -- probably most of my life now that I think about it -- I have subscribed to the philosophy of "It's about the journey, not the destination." (For reference, I think this is a variation of the original … Continue reading Legion professions — sometimes it really is about the destination

Artifact suggestions

The closer we get to Legion, the more I become convinced that artifact weapons may be the change that could sink the entire expansion, but I also believe that a couple of adjustments could avert this. DISCLAIMER: I have not played Legion Alpha (and I do not expect to be invited to the Beta), so … Continue reading Artifact suggestions