Class chaos

In my last post, I mentioned my view that one of the major flaws with Legion is something I call "class chaos". Today I want to discuss that some more. "Class chaos" as a term suggests to me that there is no true unifying control within the class development hierarchy. That is, there is no … Continue reading Class chaos

Leftovers and ruminations

Today's post is really just a few unconnected thoughts that have been dancing around in the back of my brain for a bit. Sorry, but every once in a while I have to run the mental Roomba just to tidy things up for later... Q&A session. Today there will be another in the more-or-less regular … Continue reading Leftovers and ruminations

Legacy servers — maybe, but…

As promised after the much-publicized takedown of the Nostalrius "Vanilla WoW" servers in April, decision makers from Blizz and Nostalrius sat down together last Friday, in what was reportedly an almost day-long meeting, to outline some basic areas of mutual interest. You can read the full Nostalrius report on the meeting here, or the Icy-Veins … Continue reading Legacy servers — maybe, but…

Micro rant

Today I am on a very small, insignificant rant, one of those things that just makes you want to shake your head to clear it because you must be missing something. Before I get started, some numbers and facts. In a little over 90 days the WoW universe of classes will contain 12 classes, 36 … Continue reading Micro rant

Who is this game for?

If you have ever taken a class in writing, public speaking, any form of communication skill at all (including manufacturing and the creative arts), you know that one of the first things you learn is to define your intended audience. You simply cannot communicate effectively if you do not know who is on the other … Continue reading Who is this game for?

Communication 101 (again)

Recently there was a series of tweets between Mr. J. Feasel, aka Muffinus, and a couple of WoW players. The conversations are nicely summarized here by MMO-C. In a nutshell, the tweets are an attempt at a fairly in depth explanation of Blizz's thinking on RNG as a mechanism for rewards, and also on some … Continue reading Communication 101 (again)

Fruit hats and rum and Legion

Have you gotten your Fruit Hat yet? I know I got mine, on all my characters last night, and I suspect you have, too. Judging by the frenetic excitement about it on my server last night, nearly everyone still actively playing has gotten at least one  and spent some amount of time playing with the … Continue reading Fruit hats and rum and Legion