So much information to process

Well. Blizzcon is over, and we finally have a lot of information about Legion. A lot. Certainly too much for one person to process immediately. The specialists out there have already started to zero in on their areas of expertise, and in the coming weeks and months we can expect to see every aspect of … Continue reading So much information to process

Let the games begin!

In a couple of hours, in theory, we will start to get some real information on Legion. Finally, almost three months to the day since we got our initial teaser back in August. That Gamescom info was clearly very conceptual in nature, and I have a suspicion Blizz would rather not have put it out … Continue reading Let the games begin!

Well, that explains it

Yesterday Activision Blizzard issued their Q2 2015 earnings report, and I found two interesting items in it. (You can download the actual report, the slides, listen to the conference call, etc. on the corporate website home page, but if you don't want to plow through all of that, check out Joar's excellent analysis over at … Continue reading Well, that explains it

A few thoughts on the movie

Though I have paid little attention to any of the rumors and/or hype that have been going on for years now, it seems that there will in fact be a Warcraft movie hitting the screens next summer. I don't know if I will rush out to see it or not, honestly. I usually like to wait … Continue reading A few thoughts on the movie

Another step in the right direction

A few days ago, writing about my reaction to the June 13 Q&A, I said that reinstating flying was a step in the right direction for Blizz, but that they have a lot of ground to cover to build back the trust they have lost over the past year. Much of that broken trust occurred because … Continue reading Another step in the right direction

Weekend grinding

I spent several hours this last weekend grinding out my remaining apexis dailies for the Defending Draenor achievement and looking for treasures to get to the required 100, all so as to have done everything I can do for the Draenor Pathfinder achievement prior to 6.2. It was not a horrible grind, but I was … Continue reading Weekend grinding

Now what?

This will be a disjointed post, but it reflects my current feelings about the game. I really don't know where I am in my enjoyment of it, if indeed I am even still "enjoying" it. I just don't know. Last night I stepped out of the morass that is Draenor and revisited some of my … Continue reading Now what?