So much information to process

Well. Blizzcon is over, and we finally have a lot of information about Legion. A lot. Certainly too much for one person to process immediately. The specialists out there have already started to zero in on their areas of expertise, and in the coming weeks and months we can expect to see every aspect of … Continue reading So much information to process

Let the games begin!

In a couple of hours, in theory, we will start to get some real information on Legion. Finally, almost three months to the day since we got our initial teaser back in August. That Gamescom info was clearly very conceptual in nature, and I have a suspicion Blizz would rather not have put it out … Continue reading Let the games begin!

Season of drought

Tipped off by MMO-C, I took a look at the recently-released Gamereactor Gamescom interview with WoW devs on Legion. Basically I would say don't waste your time following the links or listening to the interview, there was almost nothing of substance in it, and there was certainly nothing we did not already know about Legion … Continue reading Season of drought