A small mental exercise

Over the past few years, I have written several times about WoW’s player groups, often asking the question, “Who does Blizz think their player base is?” Although lately I have accused Blizz of designing only for elite and professional players, I really think it’s more the case that they don’t have a clear idea of … Continue reading A small mental exercise

The cost of raiding

Last night our guild held a pre-raid event. The idea was that anyone wishing to raid should show up at the raid time, and the GM would organize everyone into 5-man teams to run dungeons to help gear everyone up for next week. We only had about 10 people show up, even though I am … Continue reading The cost of raiding


Over the weekend, as I was cooking for, cleaning for, picking up after, and entertaining relatives, out of the blue I had one of those forehead-slapping moments. For months now — maybe even a couple of years — I have been baffled by Blizz’s apparent business model shift from a game accessible to nearly everyone … Continue reading Epiphany

Unofficial and pertinent views

Admin note: We are having a terrific 2-day windstorm in my neck of the woods, and our power keeps going out, so today's post may end up being a bit choppy. Ghostcrawler has a piece on his Tumblr page that really caught my eye. If you have a couple of minutes, I encourage you to … Continue reading Unofficial and pertinent views

Another tier gear discussion

After several weeks of hints, Blizz confirms that Legion LFR will in fact award tier gear, probably more or less on the model of Mists. At least I think they are confirming this, it's sometimes hard to tell with their obtuse I've-got-a-secret corporate mentality. Check out the predictably-enraged forum here, or the abridged MMO-C summary … Continue reading Another tier gear discussion

Casual or hardcore? Yes

I saw some trade chat yesterday that got me to thinking. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous given the standard level of trade chat, but it wasn't that the chat was stimulating, rather that it started a train of thought for me. The chat line itself was a normal stupid troll, laced with expletives, misspellings … Continue reading Casual or hardcore? Yes