There is a mini-storm going on in the Legion beta forums right now, regarding a recent and sudden (that is, no warning) change in max camera level permitted in Legion. Essentially, Blizz rather abruptly disallowed players to use the "/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4" command that gave a huge boost to camera zoom levels in the game. … Continue reading Perspective

Leveling strategies for Legion?

The past couple of days I've been thinking about how best to go about spending my time for the first couple of months in Legion. Clearly, there is no "one size fits all", but I think I've isolated a few factors to consider. Gear level at the start of the expansion. My first premade character in … Continue reading Leveling strategies for Legion?

Crazy versus cute

Today's post may be a bit scattered, I am dealing with contractors and estimates and so am pretty distracted. It's a good chance to deal with a couple of quick observations, basically unrelated to each other. Findle's Loot-a-Rang, I see from one of the forums, will only work in Draenor once Legion goes live. This … Continue reading Crazy versus cute

Legion infomercial

Yesterday, as most of you know, Ion Hazzikostas spent an hour doing a "dev talk" on Twitch. MMO-C has both the video and a written summary of everything covered, you can check it out here. The program was not highly hyped by Blizz in advance, more of a mention in passing a couple of days … Continue reading Legion infomercial

Brain crumbs and drafts folder

***Late breaking news edit: Legion will go live August 30.*** (This broke after I posted today.) I am having a little trouble engaging my brain this morning, and adding that fact to the veritable vacuum of Warcraft-related things to write about these days, I find myself at a real loss for a topic for today's … Continue reading Brain crumbs and drafts folder

Garrisons 3.0

Megan O'Neill has an excellent post today over at Blizzard Watch, about the details of garrison class hall follower champion missions in Legion. It is well written and gives us the most information I have seen so far on the mechanics of this "feature". For me, at least, it provided some real insight into how this mechanic will … Continue reading Garrisons 3.0

So much information to process

Well. Blizzcon is over, and we finally have a lot of information about Legion. A lot. Certainly too much for one person to process immediately. The specialists out there have already started to zero in on their areas of expertise, and in the coming weeks and months we can expect to see every aspect of … Continue reading So much information to process